How Artificial Intelligence Integrated Into Smart TV




AI technology


What is AI? Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science, it attempts to understand the essence of intelligence, and it also produces a new type of intelligent machine that responds in a manner similar to human intelligence. Artificial intelligence can simulate the information process of human consciousness and thinking.


Technology products, like AI TVs, are now capable of language recognition and natural language processing and multi-device interconnection to offer better user experience.


With Google Assistant and Alexa built in, TCL AI TVs offer an AI solution for your home life. You can easily control your TV and other home devices just with your voice. Creating a center for your smart home, the only thing we want is just making your life easier.



Voice Assistant



Unlike simple voice control, with TCL TV AI assistant, your TV can understand your needs more deeply and can provide you with different language voice support, bringing you a more relaxed life experience. You could:


Enjoy Entertainment - Just say it: Play your favorite shows, songs and movies and discover new ones. You can also switch channels, turn up the volume, pause and turn off TV, just with your voice.


Control Smart Home Devices - Just say it: Simply ask your Assistant on your TV to set the perfect temperature with Nest or turn down the lights with Philips Hue.


Plan Your Day - Just say it: With your permission, get help with things like your daily brief, your flight information, or your commute to work. Play news and check on the latest weather and traffic in your area. All of these information can be sent to your mobile phone.



Get Answers-Just say it: Get answers related to what you’re watching and more. Ask about your favorite shows, characters, and actors. And get the latest scores for your favorite team. All of these information can be sent to your G-mail


TCL ai tv ready for you.


TCL AI TV provides multi-scenario Artificial intelligence solutions for your home, including AI Voice Interaction, AI Picture Engine, AI Sound Engine and AI Interconnection. Use your voice to easily control the TV and other smart home devices, creating a smart center for your home that helps you enjoy a more relaxed family life.