TCL GentleCool AC Series (1 Ton)

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TCL GentleCool AC Series (1 Ton)
Special Price ₹34,990 Regular Price ₹40,990 Save ₹6,000

· 4-Step Air Purification
· UVC Sterilization Pro
· CleanXpress Innovation
· Up to 40% Energy Saving
· 60°C Ambient Cooling
· Smart Airflow
· B.I.G. Care
· Effortless Clean by Hands

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2 Years Warranty on TV Product provided by TCL from date of purchase

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Smart Control Anytime & Anywhere

Enjoy 24/7 control via the TCL Home App for smart devices. Remotely alter functions and operation via the App, or control via simple voice commands. (*Connected with smart TV, smartphone or Alexa soundbar via TCL HOME or Google Assistant.)

Natural Style Cooling

The dandelion remain still with Gentle Breeze mode. Enjoy a more Gentle-style of Air Conditioner Breeze, just as nature intended.

Gentle Breeze mode is innovated for all of you. Enjoy premium comfort which helps you work, rest, and play at home with superior engineering.

60°C Ambient Cooling

Stay cool no matter the outside temperature is. An air-cooled e-box ensures continuous cooling even at 60°C ambient and 100% cooling capacity output at 50°C ambient.

Smart Airflow

Shower-style Cooling Directed-upward airflow showers down from the ceiling to create immersive cooling. Up to 37% flap size increase creates Coanda Effect to make air flowing further & wider. (*24K Model)

Up to 40% Energy Saving

Save money and enjoy energy efficiency with AI Inverter. With up to 40% energy saving, AI Inverter helps reach the setting temperature more quickly, cooling the coils to 18°C 30s, heating it up to 40°C in 60s and keep temperature stable within ± 1°C. (*Data applied to specific models in lab testing conditions)

CleanXpress Innovation

CleanXpress helps keep the air in your room more fresh. Built to remind you when it’s time to clean, and help make cleaning easier than ever.

Effortless Clean by Hands

An intuitive cleaning design makes it simpler to take apart and reassemble. 4 Key components: Filter, vanes, plate, and flap easily disassemble and fit back together for manual cleaning.

Modern Aesthetics

Built to perfectly match any room


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