10 Connections
10 Hours
Mirco-SIM Card
Easy to use
Up to 10 Wi-Fi devices
10 user devices can connect to your network.
Removable battery
10-hour battery, 4G Sim card slot
Built-in LED light gives you signal, Wi-Fi on/off, and battery power status once you insert a sim card. 2500mAh Lion battery lets you stay connected for up to 10 hours on a single charge. With a micro-USB port, you can quickly recharge it or simply remove the battery for convenience.
Light and classy
Subtle design
The router weighs only 100 grams and is lighter than a power bank or smartphone. The pocket-sized design complements as seamless part of your accessories. A subtle finish gives a classic look for both professional and personal lifestyles.
4G access on the go
4G access
on the go
Up to 150Mbps in DL and 50Mbps in UL
Attend video meetings and watch online videos. 150Mbps download speeds and 50Mbps uploads lets you do your daily job, play games, and stay social during commuting hours.
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