A Basic Guide to Smart TV That You Need to Know



As the world continues moving toward technological advancement, TVs are getting smarter as well. This marks a significant shift from traditional TVs, as they are being replaced with smart TVs.


Smart TVs can now be used more like a combination of computer and television, providing numerous benefits to the consumers. Now you can browse music, TV programs, videos, audiobooks, recipes, exercise lessons, and much more with the help of these TVs without any worry. With every passing day, innovation brings a lot of new features to the table, which can transform your living style completely.

TCL smart TV

Features of Smart TV


Smart TV is a modern form of television that uses the power of the internet to facilitate people in different ways. These TVs combine computers, media players, and televisions, thus giving you various features needed to bring ease in life at a highly affordable price. These features include:


1. Voice Control


Most smart TVs come with a voice control feature that allows you to control the whole device with your voice. This is done by turning on Google assistant using a dedicated button or speaking the phrases like “Hey Google" on your remote.


While you have to speak in the remote of your TV most of the time, modern-day televisions are also coming with hand-free room listening microphones with which you can control your TV without ever picking up the remote again.


2. Chromecast

In the work-from-home culture, you can wirelessly connect your computer to your smart TV and use your TV as a monitor screen. Not only this, but the features like Chromecast let you stream the entire photos and videos library of your laptop on your TV, not to mention that you can mirror your computer’s screen on the TV to transform your experience.


3. Incredible Gaming Experience

Smart TVs provide various games that you can play on extremely attractive screen resolutions. Besides gaming options, you can access the Google play store on these devices, thus getting your hands on thousands of apps to enhance the functionality of your device.


4. Integration with Smart Home Devices

In this technological era, many people are using other smart devices as well, such as smart locks, smart lights, and sensors. In the presence of the smart TV, you can integrate all of these devices with your TV. This will enable you to control your whole house with a simple dashboard on your TV.


5. Social Media Surfing

Using social media on your traditional devices like the mobile phone is too mainstream. Now you can browse your social media handles on smart TVs as well, thus giving yourself a completely different experience.


6. Internet Browsing

Surfing the internet on your TV is no longer a pipe dream, as doing so is one of the exceptional features of smart TVs that make these devices distinctive.

smart TV

Systems for Smart TVs: Android and Google TV


Choosing the right operating system before purchasing a new smart TV is one of the most important things you have to do. Without this, you cannot even think about the true taste of these devices. In this regard, two operating systems, namely Android TV and Google TV, beat every other OS. So let's explore their features:


Google TV

Google TV operating system has the following features embedded in it:


1. Content-Focused Platform

Google TV allows extreme personalization of users while recommending content, thus recommending users the type of content they want to see to the maximum accuracy. It allows you enhanced personalization on your device.


2. Multiple Users’ Profiles and Child Security

Google TVs are a great fit for those who want strict child settings and multiple user profiles on their TVs.


3. Switching Between Apps is Made Easier

Google TV provides a quick switch between apps by displaying previews of active broadcasts from different services like YouTube TV, Philo TV, Sling TV, all in one place. Thus Google TV is primarily designed for better content discovery.


Android TV

With the Android TV operating system, you can enjoy the following exclusive features:


1. Better Apps Usage

Android TV emphasizes the use of apps, so you can easily customize your dashboard to arrange the things of your choice on your Android TV. This allows you not to spend your time on app discovery whenever you want to stream something.


2. Feasible for Users Who Don’t Want to Switch Between Accounts Often

Android TV is a great fit for those who do not want a quick switch between different accounts. So, if you are an individual or don't have too many privacy concerns, Android TV can be a wonderful addition to your smart home. Although you can switch between different Google accounts, sometimes it becomes an uphill task to do it, as you would need to do it manually every time.


TCL Android TV C725 brings enhanced picture quality by providing Quantum Dot technology and wide color gamut features. Striving to bring excellence in your home environment by providing stunning resolution of 4K Ultra HD, C725 also provides you with hands-free voice control 2.0, thus enabling you to control your TV without touching the remote again.


The sound quality is equally good as the picture quality; thus, this combination makes this TV stand out. This excellent sound quality is achieved using the Onkyo premium HIFI setup, which is a distinction in itself.


TCL Android TV C725

TCL Android TV C725

Google TV X925


Google TV X925 is yet another powerful device that brings 8K Ultra HD to the table. This allows you to see even minute details of your favorite shows and enter the world of incredible sharpness.


Not only this, but mini LED backlight technology adds beauty to the overall display of the screen, making the picture quality even more attractive. Its variable refresh rate of 120 Hz means that this device's gaming experience will be unprecedented. With its IMAX enhanced technology, you can experience the cinema in your home.

X925 Mini LED 8K Google TV

Wrapping up


TCL sets new standards in the electronic industry by operating in more than 160 markets globally. With our 28 R&D centers and over ten joint laboratories, we emphasize innovation to bring smartness to people's lives all across the globe.


We at TCL stand top three in sales volume globally, which speaks volumes about the type of products we provide to our customers. Over time we won different awards globally owing to our consistency in providing top-notch solutions to global users. Besides TVs, TCL is also gaining ground in different smart devices in our bid to realize a world full of technological innovations.


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