What is the Best TV viewing distance?



Have you ever felt stress in your eyes after hours of watching TV and tried to find the cause? If yes, the answer is simple: you’re not watching TV at the best TV viewing distance. Every 1 in 5 people suffers from weak eyesight and watching television the wrong way has a significant part to play in that. So if you're in the same boat and looking for a one-stop answer, you've landed at the right place. 

best TV viewing distance


Factors to Decide the Best TV viewing distance


Several factors decide the best TV viewing distance that ticks every box of requirements. From the strength of your eyesight to the room dimension, check these factors to determine the TV viewing distance for a better viewing experience.


1. Size of Your TV 


The size of your TV and where it's placed play a key role in determining the best TV viewing distance. Though large TVs like 4K, 2K, and QLED can easily be attached to the wall, it's always better to measure the viewing distance to protect your eyesight.


Below is a quick breakdown of some standard TV sizes and the recommended TV viewing distance:


TV Screen size

TV viewing distance

40 inches

3-3.5 feet

43 inches

3.6-5.4 feet

50 inches

4.2-6.3 feet

55 inches

4.6-6.9 feet

60 inches

5-7.5 feet

65 inches

5.4-8.1 feet

70 inches

5.8-8.75 feet

75 inches

6.3-9.4 feet

80 inches

6.7-10 feet

85 inches

7.1-10.6 feet

However, you can choose to watch 4K TVs from a smaller distance than the traditional 1080p because of the picture quality.


2. Resolution


Resolution is probably the first thing buyers ask when purchasing a new TV as it has an impact on the picture quality displayed on the TV. So, if you choose a TV with low-resolution power, you'll have to sit a bit closer to the TV to watch your favorite shows. In contrast, if you buy a 4K HD TV, the resolution won't be a problem for you. It is because such TVs give theatre-like picture quality so you can enjoy it even from a long distance.


However, this doesn't mean you should go and buy the largest TV available on the market. Instead, look for a TV that has a balanced resolution power so you can watch TV at a 30 to 40-degree angle - the ideal TV viewing distance. 


3. Viewing Angle 


Viewing angle is the direction that you use to watch TV, which is straight in many cases to enhance image clarity and reduce eye strain. So, a good rule of thumb is to place the TV directly in front of you at an ideal 15 degrees upward or downward or around 40 degrees from left to right.


It is a common belief that it's great to watch on big-sized TVs, but bigger TV sizes don't offer a better viewing experience if you fail to decide the right TV viewing distance. In light of the factors mentioned above, it would be easier for you to decide where to sit in front of the TV. Choose a spot according to the TV size, resolution, and feasible angle so that you can enjoy an improved TV watching experience with complete image clarity.


Choosing the best TV viewing distance will make sure you're not watching TV from too close or too far away. If you have glasses or wear lenses while watching TV, it's best to consult your eye specialist before you decide the best TV viewing distance to watch TV. Not only for home, but this guide also helps you determine the best TV viewing distance to place your seat in front of the TV in your office, kitchen, dorm room, and other smaller spaces.  


The Best TVs for Enhanced Watching Experience


Buying the right type of TV also makes a difference in determining if you've been watching TV from the correct TV viewing distance or not. However, finding the right place to buy your TV can be challenging, especially if the seller doesn't specify all the features available on the TV.


Luckily, this won't be the case with TCL TVs that mention every TV feature to help you make an informed decision. From picture quality, audio, and color pixels to other controlling features, it lets you buy the most affordable TV on your budget. Here are the two best TVs which offer great features and an unmatched watching experience.


1. TCL 4K TV


If you want a more enhanced TV experience with a TV that never puts you down, the 4K TCL Android TV is the answer to all your needs. From quality to price, the whopping 98 inches C735 QLED 4K android TV from TCL ticks every box of perfection.


With an impressive 4K ultra HD picture quality, the QLED TV is available in quantum dots that give an incredible picture quality. With Onkyo Audio, hands-free voice control, and other features, it lets you fuel all your TV-watching fantasies without breaking a bank.



2. TCL 8K TV


Their 8K QLED TV has the perfect balance between style and functionality with a giant 75 inches X915 screen. Not only this, but it also has all the features of an Android TV available for a fantastic TV experience.





Unlike other online TV stores, TCL is a trusted name for buying a quality TV that guarantees you endless entertainment. With awe-inspiring features in your budget, the brand revolutionizes the technology space with top-notch TVs backed by solid technology. Another impressive feature of TCL TVs is that they incorporate special image-enhancing technologies. Despite having bold, vibrant, and real colors, watching TCL TV won't be a stress to your eyes if placed at the best viewing distance. Whether it's the quality of audio or endless power, TCL TVs offer you a cinematic TV watching experience in the comfort of your home.


Check out the latest collection of advanced 4K, 8K, QLED TVs that display the perfect balance of color, clarity, contrast, and detail. Now, it's time to enjoy smarter entertainment with pristine picture quality and improved technology for a fully immersed TV-watching experience.