TCL’s Advanced Air Conditioning Technology Makes Homes Healthier, Smarter and More Comfortable




TCL’s premium air conditioning facility and solutions demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and bring the most innovative ACs to consumers globally


[Location, date] - TCL, a leading consumer electronics brand and the world's top two TV brand, reiterated, during its recent Global Press Conference, efforts made to keep homes across the globe in ambient, health positive conditions, through the development of air conditioning technology adept at servicing consumers across multiple scenarios, enabled by the eco-friendly and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.


Air Conditioning Technology For Every Eventuality, Supporting Healthier, More Comfortable and More Convenient Living Conditions.


TCL air conditioning technology goes far beyond just creating comfortable living conditions. TCL pride themselves on the ability to create AC which actually benefit our health, through their capacity to purify the air we breathe. With TCL’s FreshIN+ 2.0 Technology, the industry’s first, two-way fresh air replacement system, oxygen rich air from the outdoors is brought in, whilst unhealthy air is discharged. This is perfect for when air quality is poor as it actually expels bad air – meaning it helps to remove unwanted particles such as dust, pet hair and pollutants. Couple with a quadruple layer filtration system, the air circulated is much better for people sensitive to allergies. The same applies for odor removal, as the FreshIN+ fresh air breathing system can help to eliminate bad smells where traditional AC’s cannot.


Even when the air outside is perfectly clean, FreshIN+ can help with ventilation if indoor air isn’t properly circulated and therefore causes the room to feel stuffy, combating hypoxia by intuitively increasing O2 levels.


A constant strong stream of air can even go beyond uncomfortable to cause irritation, such as dry eyes and a sore throat. TCL’s Gentle Breeze technology can solve this issue by facilitating more than 1000 micro-holes to disperse the cool air to create a soft, laminar airflow – meaning harsh drafts are replaced by a soft, enveloping coolness.


Better still, TCL AC technology is intuitive and designed to make your life easier. Voice control via easy connectivity to all virtual assistant devices, means you have the power to control the temperature levels and be handsfree – perfect for when you’re occupied with household chores, or gaming or simply can’t locate the remote. What’s more, with app connection you can control the AC’s even when you’re not at home – meaning you can turn them on in time to be greeted by a perfectly ambient temperature when returning home, and alleviate any panic if you forget to turn them off before you leave.


Commitment to Further Advance Air Conditioning Technology with State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Development


TCL enables the advancement of leading AC technology thanks to its significant investment in manufacturing facilities and R&D. Earlier this year, TCL announced its commitment to smart manufacturing through the facilitation of premium air conditioning production, with the Phase 1 completion of its state-of-the-art TCL Intelligent Industrial Park in Wuhan.


Within premises of up to 390,000 square meters, the Park comprises a full AC supply chain – R&D, smart manufacturing and smart logistics – from where TCL will manufacture over six million high-end AC units annually, exported to over 160 markets around the world.


Sustainable Manufacturing for a More Eco-Friendly Environment


The Park is significantly run by solar power, monitored by EMS (energy management system) and fed by a smart hydration system to ensure both energy consumption and carbon emission are kept at a sustainable level.


The Park has achieved full coverage of photovoltaics, with a total laying area of 94,800 square meters and an average annual power generation of 9 million kWh, which is equivalent to saving 2,583.11 tons of standard coal, reducing 7,804.12 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, reducing 234.82 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, and reducing emissions. 54.79 tons of carbon dust and 31.31 tons of nitrogen oxide emission reduction.


At the same time, the Park also has a smart water solution which collects, stores, and purifies the surface rainwater in the factory area and re-uses it in the park; as well as comprehensive sustainable solutions on gas, carbon emissions and manufacturing wastes.


TCL has been building high-quality air-conditioning products for more than 20 years with established global network of 10 manufacturing bases spanning across China, Brazil and Indonesia. With a vast array of air conditioning models such as FreshIN, GentleCool, Elite, Q-Series available across many countries.


About TCL Electronics


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