TCL TV Review: Which TCL TV is the Best for You



TV time is the most awaited hour of the day that almost everyone from every age group loves. As the technology takes revolutionary turns, the introduction of smart and HDR TVs has been gaining popularity. With several companies manufacturing and introducing their televisions in the market, we at TCL earned a good reputation for the affordable TVs and amazing features, starting from streaming to intelligent.


But it doesn't just end here. TCL has gained a reputation among smart TV users around the globe for the unique feature where we oversee the designing process, manufacturing, and marketing process of our TV sets to ensure the quality of the sets for users.


If you are planning to get your hands on TCL TV and looking for some TCL TV reviews to tell you about the features of these sets, here is a list of top TCL TVs with their unique features that can help you make a decision on which TCL TV to choose.



1. 75'' P715 QUHD ANDROID TV


One of the most popular TCL TV products searched, used, and loved as per the TCL TV reviews is the QUHD Android TV. The features of this product are extraordinary and loved by customers to an extent where one says, " The 4k quality is worth it."


It has jaw-dropping features, including voice control which allows hands-free voice control of the content. Some salient features of this TCL TV are listed below:


● Size


The size of this Android TV is the first feature that makes it better than the rest of the products. Its 43-75 inches screen with high-resolution pictures will give you an extraordinary watching experience.


● Clear Motion Rate (CMR)


This feature helps the viewers catch every detail of the show or movie that they are watching. For example, in some fast-paced movies and shows, the picture quality is compromised or blurred out. This feature reduces the motion display blur by keeping motion trails to a minimum and adding clarity to the picture.


● Atmospheric Micro Dimming


With the local dimming technology, the TCL P715 Android TV produces stunning detail images with a high precision lighting control and brightness enhancement.


QUHD Android TV


2. 75-inches C815 QLED ANDROID TV


TCL C815 QLED Android TV is another popular product to receive a great TCL TV review. Onkyo Audio creates unique soundscapes according to the videos. It also supports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and a wide color gamut, which gives unparalleled picture quality. Some salient features of this Android TV are given below:


● Quantum Dot


One of the distinctive features of this TV is the Quantum Dot support and integration, which utilizes light-emitting nanocrystals for improved video quality and precision. By turning up the colors of this TCL TV, you can enjoy a bright and vivid picture experience.


● Onkyo Audio


Another distinctive feature – the Onkyo Audio of this 75”C815 QLED Android TV is significantly praised by users worldwide through TCL TV reviews, which adds dynamic energy to the TV sound. So, never miss a beat with this striking feature of the 75" C815 QLED TV.


● APIQ Engine


A low processor in smart TVs can give you a headache, and save you the trouble. This TCL TV adopts an APIQ engine, which provides high-quality audio/video processing. The picture is optimized as per the content, and audio is compensated dynamically.


● 100 CMR


You can enjoy fast-paced movies and shows without missing a beat or picture blurring with this feature. The CMR controls motion blur and reduces judders to give a clear picture.


QLED Android TV


3. 65-inches C715 QLED ANDROID TV


The third product to ace the chart of TCL TV as per the TCL TV review is the 65" C715 QLED Android TV. This product has all AI integration with hand-free voice control, HDR vision, Dolby vision, and Atmos for a breathtaking watching experience.


● Quantum Dot


Enjoy light-emitting nanocrystal Quantum Dot quality to experience improved video quality with high precision.


● 200 CMR


Allows you to catch every detail of the fast-paced action movies and shows by reducing motion blur and judder and adding clarity to the picture.


● IPQ Engine


IPQ engine identifies HDR content via AI algorithms to improve the display effect in a flexible manner, which eventually helps improve the performance accuracy of your TV.


TCL 4K Android TV


4. 75-inches C725 QLED 4K ANDROID TV


Another essential product of TCL TV is their 75 inches QLED 4K resolution TV, which means the resolution is four times that of the normal HD resolution. It gives a great picture quality and adds more details to the picture. In addition to this, this TV also supports Quantum dot technology, utilizing efficient light-emitting nanocrystals for precision control of picture elements:


● Quantum Dot


High precision video through light-emitting nanocrystals.


● 400 CMR


For reducing motion blur and judder in fast-paced shows and movies.


● Onkyo Audio


It adds dynamic energy to the sound quality of the TV.






Another fantastic product of TCL TV with picture enhancing features including Quantum Dot, wide-color gamut, mini LED, and 4K resolution to give cinematic effect. Following are some features of this product:


● IMAX Enhanced


Certified IMAX enhanced television to provide custom image processing for trusted IMAX quality. 4K images with reduced noise and grain.


● Variable Fresh Rate (VFR) Up to 120 HZs


Now, you can have an improved gaming experience with the VFR feature of this TCL TV, which adjusts the panel refresh rates automatically to match your device while saving power.


● Quantum Dot


Enhanced picture quality with light-emitting nanocrystals for improved video quality and precision.


● Built-in Subwoofer


With this feature, the TCL TV aims to "Take you there" by adding a powerful bass into the TV's integrated subwoofer for amazing sound quality.


● 200 CMR


Reduces motion blur and judders during a fast-paced movie or show. 




Apart from the upgraded features, let’s explore the basic features that integrated into every TCL TVs listed above:


✔  4K HDR


Another amazing feature of TCL TV is its HDR resolution which gives you a cinematic experience with amazing color, picture quality, and clarity. It also helps adjust and add clarity to dark shades, making your watching experience more thrilling.


✔ Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos


Two amazing features add more value to the display quality of the TCL TV as per the TCL TV reviews of the users. Dolby's vision adds extra brightness, vivid colors, and clarity to the pictures, whereas Dolby Atmos produces exceptional audio to go with the high-resolution video.


✔ AI-Integrated and Hands-Free Voice Control


These great TVs by TCL have a fantastic feature of activated voice control, allowing users to control the TV and its content through voice, without leaving the chair or using any remote control. This groundbreaking feature will also help you ask questions, adjust and organize your calendar, and plan your travel, all in one place.


  Entertainment Hub Services and More


The entertainment hub is one of the salient features of TCL TV, which helps users enjoy the best entertainment without leaving their comfortable spot in the living room. 




There is no rule of thumb for buying the best TCL TV, but you can opt for the most feasible option according to your needs. Different TVs offer different features. We have brought the TCL TV review for you and a detailed description of their features. Now selecting the best TV for yourself would be a piece of cake.


As people worldwide are searching for a more affordable smart TV for sale, TCL TVs are the best option that you can come across. With all these features available, the products of TCL are a treat to have at such affordable prices.  


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