How to use air conditioner correctly?

1. When using the air conditioner for the first time, read the operation manual carefully and operate according to the method described above. 2. Set the appropriate temperature: generally set in the range of 26 ℃ - 27 ℃, which is more suitable for people's feelings, because now many Air conditioning has the function of economic sleep, so it is better to start this function before going to bed to ensure that you will not feel too cold when you fall asleep and wake up. 3. Choose the right angle of the air outlet, try to avoid aiming at the human body, especially in the sleep of people directly blowing cold wind easy to get sick. At present, the two-way scientific air supply function of air conditioner can solve this problem When hot, the angle is downward. 4. Use the timer effectively. When sleeping and going out, the timer can be used to make it run only in the necessary time, so as to save time Save electricity. 5. Clean the air filter screen regularly. If the filter screen is blocked, the operation performance will be reduced, and the electricity charge will be increased. It should be cleaned once every half a month. 6. Don't let sunlight and hot air enter the room. When the air conditioner is open, it's better to use curtains or blinds to block the sunlight; at the same time, after opening the air conditioner, try to open less doors and windows to reduce the loss of cooling capacity and save electricity. 7. Do not block the indoor and outdoor air inlet and outlet, otherwise it will reduce the cooling and heating effect, waste of power, and seriously cause the air conditioner cannot work normally. 8. Only when it is necessary to turn on the air conditioner, it can not only make effective use of the air conditioner, but also save electricity. 9. When starting the machine, first turn the heating on the strong gear. If your air conditioner has no strong function, it is better to turn on the high wind gear. When the temperature is suitable, change the setting to medium or low gear to reduce energy consumption and noise. 10. The operation time of the air conditioner should be more than 3 minutes apart, and can not be stopped and opened continuously. 11. When the air conditioner is turned on, a certain amount of fresh air should be kept indoors, which can avoid people suffering from "air conditioning disease" in the air-conditioned room. If you The air conditioner has no air exchange function, so you can open a small gap between the doors and windows, so that the fresh air can naturally penetrate from the door and window seams. 12. When the indoor air conditioner is running, please do not insert your fingers or sticks into the air outlet because of the wind in the air conditioner If the fan rotates at high speed, it may cause injury accident. 13. The air conditioner should use a special power socket. Do not connect the power supply to the middle socket. Do not use the extension cord Or share a socket with other electrical appliances, which may burn the power line, or even cause electric shock, heat or fire. 14. Do not damage or modify the power cord, which may cause electric shock, heat or fire. 15. Please switch on and off correctly according to the method described in the manual. Do not use the method of inserting or pulling out the power cord to start or pull out .Stop the operation of air conditioner, which may cause electric shock or fire accident. 16. When the air conditioner is not in use in season, in addition to cleaning the filter screen, professionals should also be invited to check the total heat exchanger and The cleaning of drainage equipment can not only eliminate the hidden danger of air-conditioning pollution, clean the air, but also make the air-conditioning performance radiant, Save electricity, save energy, prolong service life . 17. When the air conditioner is not used in season, the power plug should be pulled out and the battery in the remote control should be taken out to prevent accidental damage. After the indoor and outdoor units are cleaned and dried, the protective cover should be covered. 18. When the air conditioner is used again for the first time in the new season, the protective cover of the indoor unit should be removed first, and the shelter near the fuselage should be removed to confirm the power status of the battery in the remote control, and then the test run should be conducted to check whether the operation is normal.