How to use refrigerator in a healthier way?

1. Before refrigerating or freezing food, it is necessary to ensure the freshness, cleanliness and hygiene of food materials, and pay attention to the shelf life of food, so as to avoid bacteria breeding and food spoilage caused by storing for too long;
2. For foods with special smell or easy to spoil, seal them with plastic wrap before storing them in the refrigerator to avoid food odors or contaminating the inner container;
3. Food with high moisture content also needs to be sealed with plastic wrap, otherwise the food will easily lose moisture and cause frost or condensation inside the box;
4. Raw and cooked food should be stored separately to avoid cross-contamination of food;
5. Check the food stored in the refrigerator regularly, and take it out and deal with it in time once it is found that the food has gone bad;
6. Clean the refrigerator regularly to avoid smudges and odors, which may contaminate food and reduce the service life of the refrigerator;
7. The temperature in different places of the refrigerator is different, so it needs to be stored according to the food type. Bottled food such as drinks and condiments should be put on the bottle holder, leftovers and instant food can be put on the glass shelf in the refrigerator, fruits and vegetables can be put in the crisper, raw meat, seafood and eggs can be stored in the freezer.