How to deal with the unsatisfactory refrigeration effect of refrigerator?

1. Adjust the set temperature of the refrigerator reasonably, try to increase the gear or lower the temperature.
2. Check whether the refrigerator door is not closed tightly; reduce the number of times of opening and closing the door, and try to shorten the opening and closing time.
3. Check whether there is too much stored food, which hinders the air circulation in the refrigerator and increases the heat load (it is recommended to use about 70% of the space in the refrigerator)
4. Do not put hot food in the refrigerator. It is recommended to wait until the food is completely cooled before putting it in the refrigerator.
5. The refrigerator should be placed in a place with good heat dissipation conditions, and check whether it is too tight against the wall.(It is recommended that the refrigerator be 5-10cm away from the wall)
6. Dirty, deformed and hardened door seals will cause poor sealing. It is recommended that users remove the door seal and wash it with warm water of about 60 degree (some detergent can be used appropriately), then after washing, drying and flattening it, use a hair dryer to evenly heat the door seal to restore its elasticity.
7. Whether the frost inside the refrigerator is very thick, perform regular defrosting.(Generally, manual defrosting is required if it exceeds 1cm)