Is it normal to have frost in the refrigerating room? How to deal with it?

Direct cooling refrigerator: The inner wall behind the refrigerator compartment is the position of the evaporator, which is in direct contact with the air inside the refrigerator. There is water vapor in the air, the temperature of the evaporator is very low and the water vapor forms a frost layer when it is cold, which is a normal phenomenon. When the compressor stops, the frost layer on the rear wall of the refrigerator compartment will slowly melt into water, which will be drained into the water collector behind the machine through the through-hole pins (drain holes) in the middle lower part of the rear wall of the refrigerator compartment, and will be evaporated when the compressor is working. No manual removal is required.(When the thickness of the frost on the rear wall reaches 1cm or more, manual defrosting is required)
The method to reduce frosting of direct cooling refrigerator:
1. If the food contains too much moisture, it is recommended to pack it in a fresh-keeping bag.
2. Food with high moisture should not be too close to the rear wall, which may cause icing (there is an evaporator on the rear wall of the direct cooling refrigerator and the temperature is lower)
3. Increase the temperature of the refrigerator compartment.
4. Frequent opening and closing of the refrigerator door or the door is not closed tightly can also cause icing/frosting in the refrigerator compartment.
Air-cooled refrigerator
1. Check whether the air outlet of the refrigerator compartment is blocked. If it is blocked, clean it before use.
2. Whether to select "smart" mode, guide exit.