Why does the refrigerator get hot in some places during operation?

1. It is normal for the refrigerator to become hot on both sides. For refrigerator heat dissipation, it is recommended to reserve 10-15cm space around the refrigerator. The temperature on both sides of the refrigerator that has just been powered on may reach about 70 degrees, and the temperature will decrease after a period of operation.
2. It is normal for the refrigerator door seal to become hot in the middle and around it. There are heating pipes around the door of the refrigerator, and the heating is placed around the door to produce condensation. General high-end refrigerators use this design.
3. It is normal for the internal position under the refrigerator to become hot. Part of the refrigerating room heating wire is attached to the inner position of the refrigerating room. When the temperature is low, the compensation heating wire works, and the bottom of the refrigerating room will feel hot when touched by hand.