To fix a washer leaking water from the fill hoses

Unplug the washing machine from the power outlet.
Carefully slide the washer out from the wall to access the water hoses.
Turn off HOT and Coldwater supply to washing machine.
Use a small bucket under the water hoses to catch any water.
Remove the hoses from the wall and the washer.
Inspect the hoses for wear and tear and any type of damage.
If hoses are damaged replace with new hoses.
Install the hoses on the back of the washer and the wall/tap with new washers.
Tighten the hoses hand tight, then one quarter turn with slip joint pliers or pipe wrench.
Check for water leaks on both ends of the hoses.
If no leaks are found, turn the power back on to the washer.
Run a test wash and observe the water hoses for any leaks.
If no leaks are found, carefully slide the washer back into place.
Problem resolved – The washer water hose leak is now fixed.