8 Ways To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Washing Machine





Washing machines are the unsung heroes of your house. The reality is that they perform an extensive variety of functions including cleaning, drying, and wringing out clothes. This can sometimes make them wear out faster than you realize. But don't worry! We're here to help you extend the lifespan of your washing machine with these eight simple tips!


Check lint filters and vents

It's a good idea to clean the lint filter once or twice a month. Lint can build up, reducing the efficiency of washers and dryers. To do this, turn off the power to your washer and unplug it from its outlet. Then remove any objects that may have fallen into the tub and are blocking access to where you need to clean. Use an old toothbrush dipped in warm water mixed with detergent (or even vinegar) and gently scrub away any buildup inside of each opening around where water comes out during use--this includes behind door seals! When finished cleaning all areas thoroughly rinse off any remaining soap residue with cold water then let everything dry completely before plugging back into power again.


Keep an eye out for any drainage concerns with the washer. Call a repairman to check the drain pipes for lint buildup.


Check pockets before washing

Check your pockets before washing. If you're like most people, you probably have a few items in your pockets that could damage your washing machine if they were to get caught up in the cycle. Keys and coins are obvious culprits here--they can cause damage to internal components as well as make a mess of clothing during the wash cycle. But even something as innocuous as lint can wreak havoc on delicate fabrics if left unchecked; this is why it's important to remove any lint from pockets before putting clothes into the washer!


If you find yourself with an especially stubborn pocket full of lint or other debris that won't come out easily (such as small pieces of paper), try using warm water mixed with dish soap on a cloth or sponge before attempting another removal method like vacuuming or blowing air through it with compressed air (which may cause harm if done improperly).

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Do not overindulge in detergent

Overindulging in detergent can cause problems.

Putting a significant amount of detergent may appear to clean garments better. But, if there are too many suds in the drum, the washer will have to work harder, which could result in additional wash cycles. Typically, a washing machine's spin cycle takes an hour to complete. Something might be wrong if it takes longer. Also, too much detergent could leave residue on clothes, which can result in dull-looking clothes and even fabric damage.


You require less detergent for cleaning with more contemporary washers because they use a lot less water. To learn how much detergent you need for each wash cycle, see the user manual for your washing machine.


Avoid overloading

Overloading a washing machine can cause serious damage to your machine, which can lead to early retirement and a costly repair bill.


During a wash cycle, clothes also require enough room to move about; if you don't give them that space, it will wear down the moving parts of your appliance. If there isn't enough room, the rinse cycle won't thoroughly clean your garments, leaving behind detergent residue.


When overloaded with too much laundry, some machines may become unbalanced and cause excessive wear on their bearings--or even break them completely! An out-of-balance load will also require more energy than necessary and increase noise levels within the drum as well as vibration when operating at high speeds (such as during spin cycles). This extra stress puts added strain on all moving parts of a washing machine including pump motors etcetera so it's best practice not to overload yours whenever possible!

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Keep the washer balanced

To keep your washer in good shape, it is important to make sure that it is balanced.


The majority of people are aware that you shouldn't overfill the washer because doing so could cause the machine to become imbalanced. This can also happen when there are too few things in the load.

  • The problem can frequently be resolved by simply adding or removing a few items if the washer falls out of balance.
  • Consider using a washing machine-safe bag if you are washing goods with strings or laces that can easily get trapped or twisted in the wash.
  • Make sure to use the appropriate cycle or mode for the sort of load you are doing when washing. Setting the washer to the "standard" cycle while washing a substantial amount of towels may result in the washer being imbalanced.


Run full loads

Running full loads in the washing machine all the time is beneficial. Although it can be tempting to wash a few pieces of dirty clothing during the week when you really need them, it's best to only wash full loads. Underloading the machine might result in wash cycles that are out of balance, which puts stress on the drive components.


The best way to ensure full effectiveness is by doing only big washes: fill up your machine with whatever needs cleaning then turn it on!

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Don't leave items in the tub after they're done.

Don't leave items in the tub after they're done. The door should be left open to allow air to circulate around the machine, which will help keep it dry and free of mold/germs and extend its life.


Make sure to take the clothes out right away so that they don't get stuck on something else or damage any parts of your machine. If this happens and you can't remove whatever it is that is stuck, call a professional immediately!


Perform regular maintenance

Taking proper care of your washing machine can extend its lifespan by several years.

As a user, what you can do is perform routine cleaning, and get experienced appliance repair professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to inspect essential components like the heater, motor, and pipes.


Maintaining your washer on a regular basis will help you save money on washing machine repair and replacement by keeping it running like new every year.


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With proper care and maintenance, your washing machine can last for many years. By following these tips, you can ensure that your machine will continue to work properly for a long time to come!

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