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Cinematic TV Sound Made Easy

Dolby Audio

The established surround standard for home theater.

Turn your TV into a Home Theater

Dolby Audio, the most widely used surround sound technology, offers a consistent and great surround sound experience in your home.

2.1 CH and 240W Maximum Audio Power

A great movie experience is nothing without earth shattering explosions or deep roaring engines during a car chase. When you want to be immersed, bass and power do matter. The wireless subwoofer provides ground shaking bass and can easily be put in a corner of your room without any wiring to the soundbar. 240W maximum audio power is what makes the audio experience immersive.

The Best Partner for TV

Enjoy the ultimate entertainment with superior sound and dynamic visuals.


Specialised sound modes for different content

To get the most of your soundbar and have the best experience, we've included special sound modes. This way you always get the best possible sound experience no matter if you are just watching TV, want to be immersed in a great movie or enjoy your favourite music on your soundbar.