What should I do if I experience a slow response or incorrect action when touching the screen?
a) Check whether there is any damage to the screen. If yes, please back up your data and take your device and proof of purchase to our repair center to get more professional technical assistance.
b) Check to see if your device is using the “Talkback” feature.
Talkback is a screen reader primarily for people with blindness and low vision. In this mode, you need to quickly touch a button twice to select it.
To navigate when using Talkback:
-Swipe right or left to move between items
-Double –tap to activate an item
-Drag using two finger to scroll
Please go to “Settings”->“Accessibility”->“TalkBack” ->“Use TalkBack”, touch the toggle switch to turn it on or off.
c) If the issue occurs while using a third-party app, make sure the app is compatible with your device and Android version. Try uninstalling the third-party app.
d) Check if the issue occurs during charging. If yes, we recommend trying the official charger and data cable.
(Note: The voltage instability of non-standard chargers and data cables may cause the touchscreen to become unresponsive).
e) Make sure the temperature where the device is being used is neither too hot nor too cold. The standard working temperature of the capacitive touchscreen is -10℃~60℃. Excessively high or low temperatures will cause the touchscreen to become unresponsive.
f) If there is a screen protector on the screen, see if the touchscreen works after removing it.
g) Make sure there are no stains such as water or sweat on the touchscreen. If there are, wipe the screen and try again.
h) Try to reset or update your device. (Refer to Q How can I perform a factory reset on my phone & Q How can I upgrade my device).
If the previously described options do not help, you can contact our hotline or repair center to get more professional technical assistance. Find the hotline or repair center information from the TCL (or Alcatel) website or APP “Support Center”.