How to use refrigerators to save energy?

1. Before storing food, the refrigerator should run without load for a period of time. After the temperature in the refrigerator drops, food could be put into the refrigerator. Hot foods should be cooled naturally at room temperature before being placed in the refrigerator;
2. When used in summer, the temperature controller should be set at gear 1-3, while in winter, the temperature controller should be set at gear 4-6. Do not set gear 7 unless a lot of food is placed in urgent need of refrigeration;
3. Excessive thickness of ice in the freezer will affect the transfer of cold volume and increase power consumption, so regular deicing is needed to achieve the purpose of electricity saving;
4. The opening of the door will cause the loss of cold air inside the box and increase the power consumption, so try to get food at the same time, reduce the number of times to open and close the door, and try to move quickly to shorten the opening time;
5. Remove obstacles around the refrigerator, maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions, and at the same time, regularly wipe the heating positions on both sides of the refrigerator to ensure good heat dissipation effect.