How to use the low temperature compensation switch? What does it do?

When the winter temperature is low, the ambient temperature is close to that of the refrigerator, which will result in the phenomenon that the refrigerator will not turn on and run or run for a short time, so that the freezing temperature of the refrigerator will not reach the set requirements, leading to the deterioration of food in the freezer. In order to avoid the above problems, a low temperature compensation switch is added in the design of the refrigerator. This switch is used to ensure that the refrigerator can work normally when the ambient temperature is low in winter. The use of low-temperature compensation switch is very simple. When the ambient temperature is lower than 16 degrees, the low-temperature compensation switch can be turned on. However, when the ambient temperature is higher than this temperature, the low-temperature compensation switch must be closed in time, otherwise the power consumption of the refrigerator will be increased.