7 TCL Android TV’s Premium Features You Can't Miss Out






TCL has been making televisions for many years now. It's made a reputation for itself as a company delivering affordable high-quality televisions. TCL continues to impress with quality features at an affordable price point. The Android TV line of televisions continues this tradition by offering all the latest technology at prices affordable to anyone. Here are seven great features you'll love when you have a TCL Android TV:



1. Quantum Dot Technology Provides High Resolution and Vivid Colors.


Quantum dot technology is the next generation of color technology. Unlike conventional LED TVs, which use blue LEDs to produce white light, quantum dots are made from semiconductor nanocrystals emitting a specific color of light when excited. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for TVs. The result is a display  capable of stunning levels of detail, brightness, and contrast. TCL's quantum dot technology produces incredibly accurate colors with high accuracy. This means you can see the full range of hues in your favorite shows and movies in ways you never have before.



2. HDR Extreme Color Contrast, Brightness, and Clarity Are beyond What You've Seen Before.


HDR Extreme lets you see colors as if you've never seen them before. The technology making HDR possible is called High Dynamic Range (HDR). With HDR, TVs can display a wider range of colors and brightness than traditional TVs. Images have brighter whites, darker blacks, and more colors in between—all at the same time.


HDR Extreme takes everything great about HDR and makes it even better. It offers deeper black levels, brighter highlights, enhanced details in shadows and highlights—and the most vibrant colors ever on a TV screen.



3. The AiPQ 2.0 Engine Delivers Incredibly Lifelike Colors, an HDR Picture, and Great Sound.


TCL has developed a proprietary technology called AiPQ 2.0 Engine, which delivers incredibly lifelike colors, an HDR picture, and immersive sound. This unique algorithm is built into every TCL TV, automatically adjusting the picture settings to optimize for each individual scene. The result is better contrast and color saturation in both bright and dark areas of the image at home or on the go.



4. Dolby Atmos Brings You a Whole New Dimension of Surround Sound with Crisp Dialogue and Dynamic Bass.


Dolby Atmos brings you a whole new dimension of surround sound with crisp dialogue and dynamic bass. It's an immersive audio technology with  incredible listening experience. Dolby Atmos is a high-quality, immersive surround sound system allowing audio to move freely from channel to channel and speaker to speaker, so that sound can be precisely placed and moved around the room for a more lifelike experience. TCL Android TVs with Dolby Atmos let you enjoy movies and games in vibrant clarity with crisp dialogue, deep bass, and dynamic surroundings all around you—no matter where you sit in the room.



5. Chromecast & T-cast Let You Connect Your Smart Devices to Enjoy a Seamless Viewing Experience.


TCL and Google have teamed up to make your life easier with Chromecast and T-cast. These features enable easy control of your smart devices from the TV, which means fewer mirroring apps running in the background of your phone or tablet.


If you need a refresher on what Chromecast is, it's basically a dongle that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV and allows you to stream contents from certain apps directly onto the big screen. T-cast takes this one step further by making sure that any device connected to your network can stream its audio/video directly over Wi-Fi without an additional adapter like an Apple TV or Roku Stick.


If someone wants to watch their favorite shows while sitting on their couches in front of their laptops, instead of moving around with their phones in hand every time there's a commercial break (as is typical), they can just bring up whatever app they want on whatever device without a dedicated streaming device plugged into every wall outlet throughout their houses!


It also means no more fighting about who gets to control what when someone else doesn't feel like using headphones just because he doesn't want another person to tell him which button to press during gameplay sessions.



6. TCL Home and Google Home Integration Give You Detailed Answers to Your Questions When Using Your Voice Remote.


TCL Home is a voice assistant for your TV to keep you posted about the weather and sports scores. Powered by Google Assistant,  it can also answer questions, set reminders and alarms, play music, and control smart home devices in addition to your television. The voice assistant can be found on all TCL televisions.


The TV will ask you to say a few words and phrases, then it will prompt you to repeat them back so it can learn how your voice sounds. Once the voice assistant is set up, you can kick-start  by saying “Hey TCL” followed by a command.


You can also use Google Home to do things like: play music and movies, get updates on sports scores, get recommendations for shows or movies, and check flight statuses or traffic conditions—all by speaking to the remote control.



7. Auto Game Mode Provides an Experience Designed Specifically for Playing Games.


Auto Game mode provides an experience designed specifically for playing games. Auto Game mode automatically adjusts your TV settings for a better gaming experience. The picture and audio settings will be adjusted automatically to realize the best performance for your game. The same goes for the brightness and image smoothness to achieve the most realistic gaming experience possible.




So, there you have it. If you're still not sure whether you should buy an Android TV, consider the benefits we've outlined here. These features add up to make watching TV more enjoyable than ever before. You can go to the local store for a closer look or check our website for more information!


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