What should I do if my ear pain after wearing earbuds for a long time?
a) Clean your earbuds regularly, once a week is recommended.
b) Try to adjust the wearing angle of the earbuds, or adjust the depth of the earbuds inserted into the ear canal to reduce the squeeze on the ear canal.
c) Please avoid wearing earbuds when sleeping to prevent discomfort caused by long-term squeezing.
d) Every 60 minutes after wearing, take off the earbuds and give your ears a relaxing or kneading massage. Don't pull out your ears temporarily after wearing the earbuds for a long time. You can wait for a period of time before pulling out your ears to avoid ear damage or skin damage.
e) The maximum volume of earbuds should not exceed 60%. Excessive sound will make your hearing and ear canal nerves tired, which is easy to make your ears uncomfortable.
f) Please keep the earbuds and ear canal dry and clean, and clean it in time after exercise, which can make you comfortable to wear
g) Choose the suitable ear cap, S/M/L, you can choose different size for the right and left ears.