Understanding The Different Smart TVs On Sale




Looking for a new smart TV? The TCL brand has a range that will answer to every entertainment delight. From TVs that offer the finest picture to a sleek 4k smart TV that can be viewed in filmmaker mode - transporting you straight to Hollywood, Bollywood, or wherever your heart desires. With so much entertainment value on offer these days, it's important to have the right technology to support your viewing pleasure in terms of quality and budget.


Televisions - More Than Simply Appliances


Your TV is an extension of your lifestyle, it's so much more than another one of the appliances that you stock in your home. It's a place where family comes together and you share in passion, action, joy, and quality time. We know this, which is why we have made a selection of only the finest smart TVs to offer, each at their own special price.


Which Smart TV Do I Choose?


UHD smart, 4k UHD, HDR, QLED 4k, Google TV, Airslim design, Quantum Dot... what does it all mean? There are so many popular categories to choose from when buying a smart TV that it can seem overwhelming at first.


You'll find that we've detailed everything about our TVs from screen type to resolution to what it can connect to. Simply click on the smart TV that is speaking to your needs and budget, and you'll find out everything you need to know about it.


If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact our support team to find out more about the model you're looking at.


What Size Smart TV Do I Choose?


That's entirely up to you. 65 inch? More? Less? Make a few measurements in the room where you intend to watch TV and consider the following before you shop for your TV:


● Will you mount it on the wall or use a TV stand?

● You might have to alter your decision based on the level of space you have in the room. Tip: mounting your smart TV on the wall is a great space-saver. You can then arrange your furniture around it, creating a central feature in your living space.


● What is the budget you can afford to spend on your new TV?

● Stick to an amount that works for you. You might find something on promotion that you can add to your shopping cart today.


● What's your chosen resolution?

● If you understand the difference between a QLED 4k TV and a UHD smart tv, then you probably know what specifications you're looking for in your purchase. If not, read up on all the smart TVs from TCL and make an educated decision. Again, our support team can help if you're unsure.

● All of our TVs offer the finest picture within the price range they sit in. You can trust us when we say you're getting a great deal on a quality smart TV when you buy from TCL.


● Quantum Dot or not?

● If you want enhanced vibrancy in your image display, then this is a big yes for you. It's basically an upgrade from LED, layering a billion Quantum Dot nanocrystals over your standard LED resolution.


● Transform your viewing with Dolby Vision

● This is another feature you might want to consider that will frame every motion picture you watch with brightness, contrast, vibrant colour, and hyper detail. Just another aspect that brings the TCL brand of TVs to life.


● Integration support for your favourite apps

● Do you want to watch Netflix, YouTube, or be able to log into SuperSport? Browse through the write-up on all our smart TVs to find the one that supports all the apps you want to be able to view and integrate.


Buy Your Next Smart TV Online


The TCL brand is affiliated with takealot.com, Teljoy, and HomeChoice making it super easy for you to shop for your TV, add it to your shopping cart, and buy it online. If you can't find an online supplier for the smart TV you're looking for, drop us a line and we will assist.



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