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Wherever life takes you,

is there to help you create with its
versatile 48MP AI Triple-Camera.

Whether you're shooting close up or far away, day or night, sitting still or on the move, it's got the capability you need to create the perfect memories.

Super-wide & up close

Get up close and personal with a Macro Camera that lets you get up to 4 centimeters close from your subject or

go wide to capture the whole landscape with a 118° Super Wide-Angle Camera.

High-res low-light

Create perfectly lighted high-resolution photos every time with TCL 20 5G.

Super Night Mode 2.0 enhances your photos with AI for the perfect images in low-light environments.

Backlit selfies

Take the perfect selfie or group photo any time of day with TCL 20 5G's backlighting.

4K & ultra-steady video

Take in all the action of your life with TCL 20 5G.

4K video lets you capture all the details of the moment in vivid high resolution.

Gyro Electronic Image Stabilization1 technology helps you film smooth, steady, focused video whether you're walking, running, boarding, biking, skiing and more, so you can relive the moment just as you experienced it again and again.

1. Super Steady Mode supports 1080P recording.

All 5G speeds are based on theoretical values in the sub-6 band. Real speeds depend on user's networks and other factors.

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