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Before upgrading your device:

a) We strongly advise that you back up your personal data before upgrading to prevent loss of personal data.

b) Make sure the device's battery level is more than 30%.


1) Upgrade with FOTA

Firmware-Over-The-Air ("FOTA"), is a way in which the firmware of a mobile device is updated wirelessly by the device's manufacturer. Firmware runs in the background without any input from the user, to make sure the device's hardware runs properly. Head to your device's "Settings"->"System"->"Updates" or "System update"[this function may appear under different menus("About phone") according to the device model]


2) Upgrade with Mobile Upgrade

Download Mobile Upgrade tool from TCL website and install it on your PC. Launch the tool and update your device by following the step by step instructions (refer to the User Guide provided together with the tool). Your device’s software will now have the latest software