HbbTV is a global initiative specifically designed to harmonise the delivery of entertainment services to the consumer through connected TVs.

This technology was developed to manage the increasing amount of available content directed at today’s consumer. It is based on elements of existing standards and web technologies.

It is the standard that Freeview Plus is based on. In practical terms is that you can get both standard broadcast free-to-air TV and IPTV services all in one place. IPTV specifically means catch-up TV, such as iView, which are delivered via the internet.

Using HbbTV, you’ll not only be able to browse an EPG (electronic program guide) for the week ahead to see what shows are coming up. You’ll be able to browse backwards and see what shows you missed. Watch them without needing to open up the individual catch-up TV apps for the channels.

On Freeview Plus you’ll also get highlights of the day’s “big shows” on both catch-up and FTA. There’s also the ability to search the 7-day EPG and favourite shows to get reminders about when they’re on. Whether or not that’s useful to you depends on how you like to watch your TV.