Which gas is used in AC: learn the basics, save the environment!





Air conditioning has become an essential part of modern life, providing comfort in homes, offices, and vehicles. While air conditioners use refrigeration technology to cool down a space, it's important to consider the impact they can have on the environment. 


In this blog, we'll explore the basics of AC gas, including which gases are used in air conditioners and what properties make them safe and climate-friendly. We'll also look at the importance of choosing the right refrigerant when purchasing or replacing an air conditioning unit. Additionally, we'll introduce TCL's line of eco-friendly air conditioners, which prioritize energy efficiency and reliability without harming the environment.


Learn the basics about AC gas

Air Conditioning (AC) gas is a fluid used in various appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and other cooling devices. It absorbs heat from the room and releases it outside in the atmosphere.


The refrigerant cycle consists of four stages: 1. Compression 2. Condensation 3. Evaporation 4. Expansion

The ideal AC gas should have some properties like non-corrosive nature; inflammable or non-toxic; climate-friendly etc., so that it can be used safely without any side effects on humans or the environment at large.


When purchasing a new air conditioner, it is wise to consider the refrigerant the unit uses. Additionally, you should determine the type of gas your air conditioner uses if you are considering replacing the coolant.


Which gases are used in AC?

R290 and R32 are both gases used in air conditioning units. They're also known as refrigerants, which means they help cool down your room by turning into liquids when pumped through the system. Compared to other gases such as R12, and R22, they are safer and environment-friendly to use.


As an alternative to R22 and R502 in low, medium, and high-temperature refrigeration and air conditioning applications, R290 (Propane) is refrigerant-grade propane.


Although very flammable, R290 (propane) is a hydrocarbon and an effective refrigerant with a low Global Warming Potential  (GWP). It's non-toxic with a safety classification of A3.


R32 is an HFC refrigerant that is used as a replacement for R410A in low-temperature refrigeration and air conditioning applications. It's Mildly flammable, and non-toxic with a safety classification of A2L.


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How Does A Refrigerant Work?

A refrigerant is a substance that can exist in both liquid and gas states at different temperatures.


It passes through the expansion device of the unit as a high-pressure liquid, where pressure drop causes it to cool down to a low-pressure liquid.


The low-pressure liquid now passes through the evaporator coils inside your air conditioner, which absorb heat from your home and evaporate into a low-pressure gas.


This refrigerant circulates through your compressor and gets compressed into a high-pressure gas again, passing through condenser coils before being cooled back into a high-pressure liquid that enters into another cycle!


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What to do if your refrigerant type is banned?


If you are looking to buy an Air Conditioner, Make sure you opt for the model that is not only energy efficient but also eco-friendly. This will help you enjoy the valuable benefits of energy efficiency and reliability of the newer unit.


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Here we have discussed the basics of gas. Now, it's time to take action! Start using the right kind of gas and save the environment while keeping yourself cool in summer. Make sure to check out TCL's Eco-friendly ACs that are going to cool your home fast!


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