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What should I do if the Robot Vacuum Cleaner behaves abnormally?

For models with Wi-Fi connection (Sweeva 2000 series and Sweeva 6000 series):

The abnormal status can be checked through the TCL Home App.

You can manually solve the abnormality according to the app prompt. Put the device back on the ground and press the start button to restore.

If they cannot be restored, the Sweeva 6000 can try to restore the factory settings by long pressing the recharge button for 15 seconds.

For models without Wi-Fi connection (Sweeva 1000 series):

The device alarms by flashing lights and beeps, and the nameplate on the back of the device has instructions.

The series Sweeva 1000 and 2000 can be restarted after powering them off through the bottom rocker switch.