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How do I pair and connect my Air Purifier to Wi-Fi?

Please check if your TCL Breeva Air Purifier supports Wi-Fi connectivity.

Pairing your Air Purifier:

Step 1: Download and install the TCL Home APP, available for Android and IoS.

Step 2: In Standby mode, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The buzzer will then make a sound indicating the unit is ready to pair.

Step 3: As the unit begins to pair, the Wi-Fi icon will flash quickly.

Step 4: Once the unit has finished pairing and connected to Wi-Fi, the icon will appear solid as long as it remains connected. Wi-Fi pairing will automatically turn off if there is action after 8 minutes.

How to turn off the Wi-Fi?

Step 1: You can turn off the Wi-Fi by long pressing the power button for 3 seconds to enter the network configuration state (the Wi-Fi light flashes).

Step 2: Press the power button again to turn off Wi-Fi.

Note: While connected to a Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi icon will remain on even when the unit is powered off. However, the Wi-Fi icon will dim to 50% brightness when the Air Purifier turns off. If your Air Purifier disconnects from the Wi-Fi, you can reconnect it anytime.