5 Cool Things You Can Do with A TCL Google TV !


Although streaming video through your TV is nothing new, it's always been a bit of a chore. You had to connect to your home network, find the right app for what you wanted to watch, and then actually click through menus until you found what you were looking for. It was never really an enjoyable experience—until now!


The TCL Google TV brings all your favorite streaming apps into one easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from anywhere in the room with a simple voice command. And with built-in Google Assistant support and integrated Chromecast functionality, these ultra-affordable smart TV is the perfect upgrade for anyone who wants more out of their entertainment system.


What is Google TV?


Google TV is a platform designed by Google to enable television interaction through the Google Chrome web browser. It was first announced on May 10, 2010. Google TV allows users to access online video content from various sources including YouTube and Netflix.


Google TV's interface can be navigated with a remote control, mouse and keyboard, or Android-powered mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Users can watch web-streaming and online content such as YouTube, as well as access their favorite Android apps.


1.   Find movies and shows to watch on all your streaming apps at once.


The Google Play Store is a great place to find new apps, games, movies and TV shows. As a smart TV, the TCL Google TV has access to your Google account and can use it to download content for you when you don't feel like surfing through Netflix or YouTube. You can also use the Google Assistant on your phone or tablet to cast content from apps that aren't built into the TV. For example, if you want to watch HBO Now but don’t have an account yet, just log in through the app store on your device (and then tell your TV) and boom! You're watching Westworld Season 4 without having set foot in an Apple store first!


With the Google Home app, you can also find movies and shows to watch on all your streaming apps at once. Just say “Hey Google, find me some good comedies” or “Hey Google, what are the best dramas?” Then scroll through the results for shows that are available on your TCL tv to see if any of them look like a good fit for what you're looking for. And yes: this works across all your apps!


The same goes for movies too—you can search using voice commands to find out which streaming services have new releases available right now (or soon) and then decide how long it's been since you watched something new.


2.   Stream from a mobile device to your TV:


If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can turn your television into a giant version of it and use it like a regular smartphone—minus the ability to make calls. This is especially handy if you want to show off pictures from your vacation or watch videos on YouTube without having to crowd around the family computer with your kids.


If you're looking for something more interactive than streaming content, look no further than this box's gaming capabilities! It has access to Android apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Pandora Radio and many more that allow users not only access all their favorite shows but also let them play games using their mobile devices as controllers (or even just touchscreens). You don't even need additional hardware—the set comes equipped with both Wi-Fi internet connection capability as well as optical audio output ports which means all you need is some sort of compatible controller device like an Xbox One controller or even just a smartphone app downloaded onto any kind of phone or tablet device available today!


Music entertainment is another huge part of why people turn their TVs into giant tablets - whether this is listening through headphones while someone else watches football in another room or just because everyone wants something different than what's playing on regular television channels at any given moment during party event (we've all been there!).




3.   Your personal assistants, Ok Google and Alexa:


A Google TV built-in voice search feature called "Ok Google" is available on the TCL C635 and other Google TVs.


You can use Ok Google to ask your TV to turn on or off or change the volume or channel. You can also use Ok Google to search for content on your TV. "Say 'Ok Google' followed by a command like 'What's playing?' or 'Which show is this?'"


If you’re a big fan of using voice assistants, then you’re in luck. The TCL Google TV also has built-in Alexa support, so you can control your TV using only your voice with Alexa anywhere in your house. And if that weren’t enough, Alexa is also able to help you find entertainment as well! Maybe you want to see what movies are playing on HBO tonight, no problem! Just tell Alexa “Show me movies on HBO tonight” and she will give you the option to select from upcoming titles or browse available movies for purchase (depending on where your cable subscription is).


4.   Enjoy immersive listening experience with Dolby audio


Dolby Audio is the best sound experience for your TV. It’s like surround sound without the speakers, and it’s even better than that. If you want to turn off your sound system and sit on the couch with nothing but your TCL Google TV, it’s going to deliver an immersive experience unlike any other.


How does Dolby Audio work? The built-in speaker in your TCL Google TV can produce a surround sound effect by bouncing sounds off of walls around the room. This creates a more immersive listening experience that makes you feel like you are right there in the action.


This comes super handy when you’re having a party or other events that requires music and it can provide the crowd with an immersive listening experience. Just turn on your Google TV and there you have it!


5.   Sync with all your devices and run together


With the TCL Google TV, you can connect to your home network and other devices in a variety of ways. You can connect to your home network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. If you want to go wireless, the TCL Google TV supports Wi-Fi connection with 802.11b/g/n networks at either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. This means that once you have connected your device(s), they will automatically sync with one another so that they all run smoothly together.


You can also connect your mobile device(s) through Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology or Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC allows for quick and easy pairing between devices by simply tapping them together (the size of an iPhone).






So, there you have it, some of the cool things you can do with a TCL Google TV. And that’s just part of the package! If you like these ideas, then we recommend checking out some TCL Google TV models that are currently in stock! Click here to choose yours https://www.tcl.com/in/en/google-tv


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