Criteria for 10 days Online Customer Replacement Policy



Ø  To help in faster and simpler box replacement of DOA (Dead on Arrival) units.


Definition of DOA


Ø  Technical defects reported to end user in product within 10 days of purchase.

Ø  If, the product fails to operate within 10days of purchase to end-user due to defects design and workmanship and as such the failure is not attributed due to any misuse / drop or improper handling by customer or Customer will be considered as DOA.



Criteria for DOA


Ø  All those units purchased by customer from TCL on line channel which are not more than 10 days old.

Ø  Customer must be registering the DOA unit call to call center. 

Ø  Customer must produce proof of purchase.

Ø  The product sr. number of the physical set should match with carton box Sr. Number.

Ø  All Items should be complete and correct, with box and packaging including manual and warranty card etc.

Ø  The Original Packing of manual, accessories and scratch resistance sticker on the product (if) to be intact.

Ø  The Unit shall be in Original Condition and without any damages, scratches or cracks.

Ø  There should be no tampering of the unit.

Ø  Without call number DOA unit not consider under the DOA policy. 


Process for DOA Replacement


Ø  Customer unit which meets the above-mentioned criteria, along with proof of purchase to register the call to TCL call center and nearest designated service center will be visit for DOA verification.


Ø  Service center will make a DOA report and will be send TCL ZSM and TCL ZSM will be verify and confirm the unit to be considered under and share the DOA validation report to SCM Department for DOA replacement.


Ø  SCM team will be collect the DOA unit from customer end and replace the new unit to Customer.