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Interesting Facts that Make TCL a Go-to Home Appliances Brand


When the other brands were struggling to achieve decent numbers, TCL has grown into one of the best-selling brands in various global markets for their LED and white good category products. The brand has successfully balanced the quality with competitive pricing and therefore attracted more customers across the world. TCL has clocked USD 30 billion revenue in the first three quarters of the year 2021. It has emerged as a giant in the world of consumer electronics and became the second-largest seller of TVs worldwide. Though it has been in the Indian market for a shorter time than other brands, it’s certainly making waves in the minds of Indian customer. In this article, you will get to read about the brand’s growth and why it should be your go-to option for home appliances products.


The Brand’s Growth – From Just Hardware Production to Cutting Edge Technological Innovation


Knowing a bit about the brand and its growth can help consumers make an informed choice. Formed in 1981 the brand has been operating across the world for more than 4 decades. It believes in bringing new technology products to make peoples live intelligent, therefore, TCL has been contributing immensely to the R&D of new products and technologies continuously over the years. In 2020, overall R&D investment arrived at 96.4 billion (about USD 15.05 billion), witnessing 36.5% YoY growth. All-time number of patent applications reached to 79,708. 


Bet on Mini LED – The Pioneer in the Industry and Aims to Achieve No.1 Mini LED sales in 5 Years 


Display technology is advancing year after year, while brands in the industry develop new display technologies, TCL bets on Mini LED, the technology which the brand believes is the future. TCL started the development of Mini LED in the year 2017 and within a short span of 3 years it accounted for over 90% of the global Mini LED sales. In the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) TCL presented a prototype of the thinnest 8K Mini LED TV along with other QLED TVs, mobile devices and smart home appliances. And it also set an ambitious goal, which is to achieve No. 1 Mini LED sales in the industry in 5 years. 

TCL Brand story

Why Should TCL be Your Go to Brand


With an aim to “Inspire Greatness” TCL entered the Indian market in the year 2016.  Along with TV, the brand also has a complete range of smart ACs and washing machines. It continuously keeps rolling out new product range with high-end technology and competitive pricing. Here’s why TCL should be your go-to brand for smart home appliances:


1. Product Quality Guarantee – Keeps Devoting to Technology Innovation


Established in 2009, CSOT today has become the world’s leading semiconductor display company. TCL ranked no. 2 globally by market share for TV panels in the first half of 2021.It also ranked no. 1 by global shipment for 55-inch display products. In the year 2019 the company announced that it would soon begin manufacturing TV panels in India from their plant in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. It would be TCL’s largest overseas manufacturing plant. The LED panel production is expected to start in this year.

TCL Brand story

2. Premium Products with Reasonable Pricing


Every product made at TCL is driven by unyielding passion for excellence and commitment to developing products featuring high-end technology. Over the short span of 6 years, the brand has brought first-of-its-kind technology to India, with feature-packed product at reasonable and competitive pricing. 


3. Customer First Approach


One of the main reasons to choose TCL is its customer first approach. TCL is committed to delivering sincere service to every customer. Currently, the brand is present in 29 states and 7 union territories, covering 3,000 + towns and villages. 

TCL Brand story

TCL’s Vision to Inspire Greatness


TCL is committed to inspiring greatness in communities around the world by innovating new technologies and products offering consumers a smarter life. The brand is constantly creating a brighter future and developing new values for its core networks including industry, partners and employees. With these efforts, the brand aims to contribute to a better society and richer experience for all. While the brand builds on its previous accomplishments it also looks forward to exploring and expanding in new territories.