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How to Claim

  1. You are required to file the service request or intimate about the loss to OneAssist within 7 calendar days of its discovery or occurrence, as applicable, beyond which the request is liable to be rejected.
  2. You should file a service request or a claim using OneAssist Mobile App(s) or by logging onto our website.
  3. You should fill in the required details detailing the issue that you are facing.
  4. You must upload a copy of the purchase invoice for the product in question, if not already done.
  5. Depending upon your product and/or the nature of issue faced by you, you may be asked to follow some trouble shooting steps before registering a service request. Please follow the troubleshooting steps before registering the request.
  6. In case you have trouble requesting a service, please call us on 1800-123-3330 (toll-free) and we will be happy to guide you.

FAQs on TCL Extended Warranty

01. What is an Extended Warranty Plan?
Extended Warranty Plan (EWP), also commonly referred to as Extended Warranty Service Contract (EWSC), Extended Service Plan (ESP), Extended Warranty (EW) is a Service Agreement that replicates and extends the manufacturer’s warranty on your product by a specified period. It effectively transfers the financial risk of product break down from the buyer of the EWP to its provider. In event of the covered product breaking down functionally, the provider of the EW undertakes the repairs of the product as per the terms specified in the EWP.
Manufacturers provide warranty on their products for a very limited period of time. After that period is expired, you are at risk of spending substantial money if your product fails and needs repair or replacement. With an extended warranty plan, you can extend the length of warranty to the term of your choosing and protect yourself from spending substantial money in the event your product fails owing to manufacturing or workmanship defects.

Example of the industry repair rates for repairs on commonly used products:


Price Range - INR 25,000 to INR 30,000

Symptoms Repair Required Avg. Cost of Repair
Line / Dot / No Display Panel 24000
Not Powering On Power Board 7500
Ports Not Working Main Board 9500
Remote Not Sensing Sensor Board 3500


Price Range - INR 25,000 to INR 35,000

Symptoms Repair Required Avg. Cost of Repair
Low Cooling Gas 3000
No Cooling Compressor 8500
Tripping Problem Thermostat 3500
Blower Malfunction Blower Motor 2500
Extended Warranty Pro+ (EWPRO+) provided by OneAssist not only extends the term length of manufacturer’s warranty but also enhances the coverage and services provided during the extended period. With EWPRO+’s extended time and enhanced coverage and services, you can enjoy your product worry-free with complete peace of mind. With EWPRO+:
  • You can extend the term of your coverage for up to additional 3 years
  • Requesting for a service is easy, convenient, takes less than 5 minutes and can be done 24x7x365. We also have a dedicated claims team to help you
  • Our service experts visit within 6 business hours of your request or you can schedule an appointment for a later time as per your convenience
  • We offer an unmatched 10 business day repair or replacement guarantee! Majority of repairs we undertake take less than a week
  • You are entitled to TRULY UNLIMITED REPAIRS during the plan period. Every time your appliance breaks down, OneAssist will repair it as per the EWPRO+ terms and automatically restore your appliance’s protection cover back to its full for the remaining period of your Extended Warranty term
  • Your products are repaired in the convenience of your home
  • 24x7 customer support to file a complaint and claim at your convenience.
Extended Warranty Pro+ can be bought for any product from the eligible products and corresponding brands list, provided that:
  • It is manufactured in India or is legally imported in India & sold through Official Channels supported by an invoice & Manufacturer’s Warranty / Guarantee.
  • Product should have 12/24/36 months manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It should not be more than 180 days of its purchase date during the time of activating Extended Warranty plan.
  • The product should not have been repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty or otherwise before your purchasing the EWPRO+ plan.
  • Invoice value of the appliance should be equal to or greater than INR 5000. Invoice value to be considered before any applicable discount or offers.

Please refer to the below list to know eligible products and brands:

The invoice value should be the price of product before any applicable discount or offers (like exchange offers etc.). You should buy an EWPRO+ plan corresponding to this value.

e.g. If you paid INR 13,000 for a Washing Machine that costs INR 16,000 after a discount of INR 3000. You should buy the EWPRO+ plan for Washing Machines costing INR 16,000 and not INR 13,000.
Your EWPRO+ coverage begins the day after your manufacturer warranty ends, ensuring you a seamless extended coverage.
EWPRO+ covers a wide range of consumer durables & appliances available in the market.

EWPRO+ covers Air Conditioner, Air Cooler, Air Purifier, Audio System, Blender Chopper, Coffee Maker, Dishwasher, Dough Maker, Dryer, Electric Iron, Electric Kettle, Electric Rice cooker, Electric Room Heater, Food Processor, Fryers, Home Theatre, Induction Cooktop, Kitchen Chimney, Microwave Oven, Mixer Juicer Grinder, OTG, Refrigerator, Roti Maker, Sandwich Maker Toaster, Television, Vacuum Cleaner, Washing Machine, Water Heater and Water Purifier. We will add other appliance categories in the due course.
You enjoy truly unlimited repairs without restricting the value of protection or the number of repairs with Extended Warranty Pro+. Every time your appliance breaks down, OneAssist will repair it as per the EWPRO+ terms and automatically restore your appliance’s protection cover back to its full for the remaining period of your Extended Warranty term. e.g. Let us assume your Washing Machine costing Rs. 20,000 suffers a breakdown during the Extended Warranty Pro+ term and we get it repaired for Rs. 12,000. Normally, your cover would be reduced to Rs. 8,000 only for any subsequent breakdown repairs but with EW Pro+, we will automatically restore it back to Rs. 20,000 for any subsequent breakdown repairs.
In the rare case that we’re not able to repair your product in 10 business days from the time of our service experts’ first visit for a covered repair, you will be entitled to a monetary settlement reflecting the prevailing market value of your product post applicable depreciation. The current market value will be the cheapest price available as determined solely by us.

e.g. Let’s assume that you bought a device originally for INR 25,000 for which we are going to provide a replacement. If the product is now available for sale at INR 22,000 with some seller, then the prevailing market value for your product will not be higher than INR 22,000. The settlement amount will be calculated by applying depreciation on INR 22000. Depreciation rates will be 15% for 1st year of extended warranty and 30% for 2nd year of extended warranty (an additional 5% is applied for Televisions). If a replacement (either by way of replacement product or a monetary settlement) is made, there will no longer be coverage under the contract and all obligations will be deemed satisfied. Please refer the T&C for more details.
The EWPRO+ does not cover products which have been misused, tampered with, modified or damaged as a result of accident, liquid, grit, impact, lack of proper care and maintenance as indicated in the manual of operation by the manufacturer. Accessories are not covered unless otherwise specified in the EWPRO+ agreement. Accessories include, but are not limited to, external flashes, data backup (which are not built into the equipment), batteries, loss of film (or tapes), lens caps, rear caps, filters, ac adapters or other external cords, media, and software. The complete list of exclusions can be found in the detailed EWPRO+ Terms & Conditions.
No, EWPRO+ only covers mechanical and electrical damage arising out of normal usage. Damages resulting out of accidents, misuse, neglect or failure to follow the manufacturer’s warranty are not covered.
No, the Extended Warranty Pro+ is non-transferable and non-renewable at this point in time.
If the name on the Product’s invoice is not the same as the name of the person buying the EWPRO+ plan, we will require a declaration from the person gifting the product in a requisite format. Please call us on 1800-123-3330 after you purchase the plan and we will be happy to assist you in this respect.
Accidental and Liquid damage are not covered as per the terms of EWPRO+ plan.
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