4K TV Price

TCL 4K TVs elevate the viewing experience with stunning visuals that redefine immersion. Featuring 4K resolution, AIPQ 2.0 engine, and more cutting-edge technologies, these 4K TVs deliver breathtaking images that enhance every moment of shows, sports, and movies.


    Primarily, our 4K TVs offer expansive canvases that intricately preserve details and infuse vibrant colors, elevating your sense of immersion to unprecedented levels. Moreover, our advanced HDR technology enhances image quality, while TCL's proprietary dynamic color enhancement technology enriches our TVs with a broader palette. The end result, then, is a mind-blowing visual experience. In addition, our 4K TVs excel in acoustic effects too, as evidenced by the incorporation of the Dolby Audio system. With TCL, your experience transcends beyond stunning visuals to encompass crisp, immersive audio, transforming your regular watching sessions into cinematic journeys. But the real advantage of TCL 4K TVs is our integration of the latest OS Google TV, which grants you full access to over 700,000 movies and shows on Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc. Meanwhile, TCL AIPQ 2.0 engine evaluates the content, identifies the surroundings, and adjusts the display and audio to enhance your overall entertainment experience. In short, TCL 4K TVs are your ultimate portal to a clear, crisp, and immersive video universe. Choose TCL 4K TVs and unlock the full potential of your living room entertainment today!

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      Yes. To optimize your 4K TV experience, utilizing HDMI cables compatible with 4K resolution, typically HDMI 2.0 or later, is crucial. These cables ensure seamless transmission of high-definition content, unlocking the full potential of your 4K display, and delivering stunning clarity and detail.

      Yes. Most 4K TVs incorporate advanced upscaling technology to enhance the resolution of standard-definition content. As an example, the TCL V6B 4K HDR Google TV leverages the AiPQ 2.0 chipset to do the upscaling. However, the quality of upscaling may vary depending on your TV model and the original content's resolution and clarity.

      4K resolution offers four times the number of pixels as 1080p, resulting in significantly sharper and more detailed images. With approximately 8.3 million pixels compared to 2.1 million pixels in 1080p, 4K displays produce enhanced clarity, finer details, and smoother edges, especially on larger screens.

      When selecting a 4K TV, besides resolution, consider the following factors:

      HDR Support: Look for High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, which enhances contrast, color accuracy, and overall picture quality.
      Smart Features: Ensure the TV offers intuitive smart features, allowing access to streaming services, apps, and voice control.
      Connectivity: Check for multiple HDMI ports, USB inputs, and Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless integration with other devices.
      Audio Quality: Consider built-in speakers or compatibility with soundbars or home theater systems for enhanced audio immersion.
      Price: Check the 4K smart TV prices from 4K TV price 65 inch to smaller 55 inch or larger 98 inch 4K TV prices in India and choose those that stay within your budget.

      No, not all 4K TVs are smart TVs. While many 4K TVs come with smart features, there are still non-smart 4K TV models available. However, TCL has many 4K Smart TVs like TCL V6B 4K HDR Google TV allowing you to stream content and access online services.