How TCL Smart TVs Will Enhance Your Life?

TCL Pakistan·2022-08-05

TCL Pakistan·2022-08-05




TCL Smart TVs are what you need if you want the best of the best. They are the ideal option if you want to enhance your home entertainment system as they provide a variety of features. We'll go through certain features in this article so you can decide if these TVs are suited for your needs. 


What is a Smart TV? 


Smart TV, known as connected TV, is a conventional television that has interactive Web 2.0 features. It can connect to the internet, which allows you to stream online content directly onto its screens. This means that you don't have to rely on external devices like consoles or Blu-ray players to watch TV or movies online; everything can be done through your TV itself! 


How do smart TVs work? 


Smart TVs use a standard broadband connection (the same one used for Wi-Fi) to access all of their features and services. This means that there's no need for any additional hardware, it means that you can connect your TVs wirelessly to the internet connection.


TCL and Smart TVs  


When it comes to smart TVs, there is no doubt that TCL has been on top and has been around for a long time. In 2014, TCL introduced Smart TVs in Pakistan and Android TVs in 2018. It managed to come up with some of the best models and designs ever been seen in this industry. Since then, the company has been continuously upgrading its product line. TCL is one of the biggest TV makers in the world and our products are sold in over 160 countries worldwide. 


TCL Smart TVs are the new wave of television that is surely going to change the game in a big way. 


How easy can life be with a TCL SMART TV?


· Over-the-top Service


You might be wondering if we are still living in the age of cable TV and its over-the-air channels. We are! But there's a new way of watching TV that you can't get through your cable or satellite provider—OTT (over-the-top) services. 


These services include Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and more. These platforms have a ton of content, including paid-for movies and TV shows, live sporting events, international news coverage, documentaries about practically every subject imaginable, and even cooking videos! There are countless options. The possibilities are endless. 


Over-The-Top (OTT) services are the future of TV, and TCL is here to lead that charge. You'll be able to watch all your favourite shows, movies, and more through these OTT services like Netflix and Amazon Prime without a cable subscription. 


The trend toward streaming video content indicates that binge-watching will only become more popular in the future. 


· Wi-Fi Connectivity


After you’ve decided to buy a smart TV, it is time to figure out which one will best suit your needs. Many things make up a good smart TV, such as picture quality, sound quality, and ease of use. But more than anything else, you have to be able to connect the device with other devices in your home. In terms of connectivity, Both your Wi-Fi network and a wired Ethernet connection are ways that smart TVs can access your home internet service. You will be asked to input network login information provided by your internet service provider when you first set it up. 


· App Store


One of the most exciting aspects of TCL Smart TVs is the opportunity to download extensive apps. You won't run out of entertainment alternatives when you turn on your new smart TV because there are many apps included with it. However, there are many more apps that can be downloaded by simply connecting your TV to Wi-Fi and going into the app store on your television. These include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, Facebook, etc. 


· Game Center


One of the main benefits of having a smart TV is being able to play games on it. Some TVs come with game centres, and some don’t, but TCL is one brand that has made this feature standard across all their models. 


The game centre allows you to access hundreds of different games on your TV, which is a fun way to kill time. Popular games like Minecraft and Fortnite are typically offered at game centres, but if those don't tickle your fancy, there are always alternative options. 


Don't worry if you decide that playing games aren't for you. You can easily stream TV or movies by downloading apps like Netflix with the TCL Smart Hub, so watching shows or movies is simple too! 


· Voice Control


Not only is voice control an incredibly easy way to interact with your TV, but it also makes it possible for people who are visually impaired or physically limited to use smart TVs. 


Say you want to turn on the TV and watch some Netflix—you can do that by saying “Hey Google, turn on my TCL Smart TV” if you prefer Google Assistant as a voice assistant. That means you can use it to control your TV, turn it on and off, change the volume, and more. It’s a great way to control your smart TV and helps bring life back into your living room.  


· Ok Google Built-in


OK, let's talk about TCL Smart TVs and their voice-enabled remotes. The key word here is "built-in." You see, there are many ways to interact with your TV, but only one that is built directly into it: voice commands. 


Voice commands have become increasingly popular in recent years as consumers have become more accustomed to using smart assistants like Siri and Cortana on their smartphones. With the addition of Google Assistant on TCL Smart TVs, you'll have access to all the same features you'd expect from any other product with this capability—plus a few surprises! 


· Online Video


When it comes to the online video experience, TCL has an advantage over most of its competitors. The TCL smart TVs feature a dedicated app store that offers an extensive collection of apps and games. However, unlike other smart TV manufacturers, TCL does not impose any restrictions on what content you can access through these apps and games. If your TV is connected to the internet and you want to watch Netflix or Hulu Plus, then all you need is your login credentials and nothing is stopping you from doing so. As long as they have been developed by third-party developers who have obtained the required licenses from content providers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime then all apps available in this app store are completely legal! 


This means that even if a particular streaming platform doesn't offer its service in your country (for example, HBO GO won't work outside the USA), you can still download their app because all downloads are done through official channels, which enables them with access worldwide! 


· Multi-View 2.0


Multi-View 2.0 is a feature that allows you to watch multiple sources on your TV at the same time. It's not just one screen, it's up to four screens at once! So, while someone else is watching YouTube, another person can be playing an online game or watching their favourite movie on Netflix. You can even display two different games simultaneously or use two YouTube feeds for split-screen content experiences. 




Well, this concludes the wonderful and useful features that TCL Smart TVs have. We hope that you found a TV that suits your needs and budget in the TCL product line. Click here to learn more about TCL's latest C series:


TCL Pakistan·2022-08-05

How TCL Smart TVs Will Enhance Your Life?

TCL Pakistan · 2022-08-05