How to Optimize the TCL Gaming TV setup for Better Play?




Gamers are some of the most keen-for-perfect people when it comes to technology. They will diligently seek out everything that can enhance their experience of gaming. A gaming tv declares the end of their exploration since it can ensure that any gamer gets the best out of their console. With the top-quality resolution of 4k UHD or 8k HDR, a gaming tv can give you an amazing and impeccable experience while playing your favorite games. TCL gaming TV can be a game-changer in this market and other good options.



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What is a Gaming TV?

A gaming tv is a tv that has the features of a regular tv but is adaptable to gaming consoles. The gaming TVs have built-in features to get the best out of your consoles. Most of these TVs come with 2.1 HDMI ports, a built-in gaming platform, a one-touch game bar, smart algorithms to make the game runs smoothly, etc.


TCL Gaming TV Can Enhance Your Gaming Experience Significantly

If you have played a game on your normal TV and notice that the sword movement didn’t go through quickly enough or your car didn’t change direction quickly enough, it has a high potential relation with input lag. This happens due to a fraction of a second taken by your TV to process your command. That can make a huge difference, especially when you are into competitive gaming.


The normal TVs are not designed for gaming purposes. In other words, if you are playing high-resolution games that require detailed graphics quality, no input latency, amazing sound & output, and all the supported environment already integrated, you will not enjoy the game completely.


This issue is not going to be seen on the born-for-win Gaming TVs. They come in much larger sizes (even going up to 75”), allowing the gamers to get unlimited gaming fun. Integrated sound systems can enhance the experience multifold as well. With 4k UHD and even options of 8k HDR, gamers of can enjoy the high-quality triple-A games. Features like 144 Hz refresh rate and low output lag improve the overall experience to an upper level.


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How to Set Up Your TCL Gaming TV For Maximum Gaming Experience?

Have you ever felt that you are not getting the best experience while playing games on your TV? Sometimes it is to do with the gaming TV setup, including the refresh rate, aspect ratio, FPS (Frames Per Second) limit, Field of view, etc. In addition, there are 3 points you need to pay attention to.


1. Remove Auto Motion Features

The auto motion features in your TV (including Motion smoothing) help bring clarity to your movies and series. There are a lot of other features like Digital Clean View, Cine Motion, Noise reduction, etc. All these take up huge space in the backend and make the processor slower than it should be. Of course, you can manually cancel all these options to ensure a smoother play.



2. Adjust FPS Limit

If you play RPG games, car racing, or football games, investigate any FPS limit options that might hurt your experience. Low FPS causes lags which seriously affect your performance in the intensive games. For online games like first-person shooting or sports games, make sure that aren’t extra layers added to the output, as even a slight delay can completely ruin a round of your game.


3. Make Sure the Console Is Set Properly

Make sure that your console settings are done properly and connected to the correct HDMI input port. A lot of the time, all the input lags are down to consoles not being set up properly with the TV. So, before you start diving into the game, make sure that your console can deliver at 720p, 1080p, or 4k like your TV. Otherwise, the experience won’t be top-notch.



However, it is time-consuming to adjust all these parameters and options – that is cruel to players who just want to rush into the game.


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No Need to Wait – Just Turn on the Game Master in TCL gaming TVs

You might be a perfectionist on game settings and want to do all this by yourself, but the easier way is to turn on the TV game mode on your TV, which is the one-button solution for gamers who are tired of adjusting the settings one by one. In the case of TCL gaming TV, its name is Game Master.

Turning on the Game Master will automatically shut off all the unnecessary stuff running on the processor, freeing space for a faster response while playing your game. Also, it will turn on the ALLM (Auto Low input Latency Mode), 144Hz VRR (Vibrant Refresh Rate), eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel), and everything that helps you enjoy your game completely.


If you have a TCL TV, then you are obviously in luck. TCL gaming TV has the perfect Game Master installed to ensure that your TV is on the best set while you are playing. In this way, you get the true experience of 4k UHD.


Enjoy Gaming Like Never Before with TCL Gaming TV C935

Apart from the intelligent Game Master, which enhances your experience, TCL gaming TV C935 has more than that. Every time you start your game, this TV is automatically in its best set and provides you with the best viewing and sound effect, thanks to the applied Mini LED technology and ONKYO sound system.



TCL gaming TV C935 comes with all the necessary features for gaming. With the QLED wide color technology, games look livelier than ever before. 4k resolution, 144Hz VRR, and ALLM play a part in putting together an amazing gaming experience. Amazing smooth gameplay is ensured with the best-in-class processor. On top of all that, TCL TV is a smart TV, which means you can do more than play games, including the following features:

● Hey Google

● Google Duo

● 2.1.2ch sound system with up-firing speakers and subwoofer

● Content filter for kids

● Allowing for connection between Apple devices and TV


X925 Pro Mini LED 8K Google TV



TCL Smart TVs come in a wide range of sizes and price points. For example, you can get a 4k TV as big as 80” or the small option of 43”. TCL has got you covered regardless of your taste, budget, and room limit.


Gamers try to make everything perfect for their gaming environment. If you are a hard-core gamer, getting a top-quality TCL gaming TV is one of the best investments you can ever make.