There are a ton of browsers available for Android TV, but not all of them can do everything that you need. For example, if you want to play games on your TV, then your browser has to support HTML5. There are lots more reasons why it's important to have the right browser installed on your device. In this post we're going to look at five of the best browsers available right now: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Puffin Browser, Dolphin Browser and Opera Browser.


Google Chrome

For a consistent and speedy browsing experience, Google Chrome is hard to beat. It's one of the most popular browsers on the market, so it has been optimized for Android TV. It's fast, responsive and easy to use. Plus, it has a clean UI that makes it easy to navigate between tabs and on-screen controls that help you find what you're looking for quickly. In addition, Google Chrome for Android TV is secure because it uses features like Google Safe Browsing to block dangerous sites and keep your information safe. You can also add an extra layer of security by enabling two-step verification through your Google account.


Google Chrome also supports voice search so you can look up things with just your voice instead of typing or tapping away at a keyboard on your remote control. The ad blocker will help keep those annoying ads from slowing down what should otherwise be an enjoyable experience browsing with Google Chrome for Android TV! 


Chrome's big advantage over other browsers on Android TV is that it supports Google Cast, which means you can stream content from your phone or tablet directly to your TV. It's easy to use: just open up your favorite streaming service on your phone or tablet, then cast it right over to your TV screen!


And if you're not sure how to get started with all this casting stuff? We've got you covered—just make sure to check out our guide on How To Cast Your Screen To Your Smart TV Using Chromecast!

And don’t forget to check out our TCL Google TVs which all have built-in Google Chrome. 


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a great browser for Android TV. It's easy to use and has a great user interface. You can easily switch between tabs by using the remote control or your finger if you are using an Android device as your controller.

The browser also brings with it some of the features that were introduced on other platforms, like support for extensions (as long as they are compatible), private browsing mode, and other features that make it more user-friendly than most other browsers out there.

The browser supports HTML5 and JavaScript, but it doesn't support WebGL or video playback. You'll need Chrome if you want to be able to watch videos on YouTube or other sites that use Flash or Silverlight.


Puffin Browser

If you’re looking for a fast and secure browser for your Android TV, Puffin Browser is also an excellent choice. It is a cloud-based browser that utilizes a technology called "cloud acceleration" to increase your browsing speeds. This means that when you're browsing on Puffin, your data isn't being stored on your phone or tablet—it's being stored on the web server that hosts Puffin's servers. This allows for faster loading times, as well as greater security for all of your private information (like passwords).

The app also supports all kinds of content including HTML5 videos, Flash videos and MP3 audio files. You can also use the app to watch TV shows or movies on YouTube in high definition (1080p).


Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is a fast, free browser that lets you search the web and access your favorite websites. It includes a built-in ad blocker and data compression technology to help save your mobile data plan, so you can browse at full speed without worrying about running up the bill.

The app also has many features designed for easy browsing. With Dolphin Browser’s side menu, you can save pages for quick access later or share them on social media – even when the screen is locked! And if you have multiple devices, Dolphin will sync all of your bookmarks and tabs between them so you never lose track of what’s important to you.

Dolphin Browser also has a built-in incognito mode so you can browse privately without leaving any traces behind in your history or cache when you're done with your session. This way, no one will know what websites you've been looking at unless they physically see the device sitting in front of them!


Opera Browser

While you may not know it, Opera Browser should definitely be on your radar that is free to download on Google Play Store. This browser is fast, lightweight and has built-in ad blocking. It also comes with a wide range of features that make it easy to use without having to spend hours fiddling with settings or add-ons.

Opera Browser for Android TV has been around for some time now; however, the latest version (version 27) brings some great new features such as being able to cast videos from your phone or tablet directly onto your big screen TV using Chromecast—which means no more hunching over small screens just trying to watch something online!


 Browsers for Android TV are more than just gateways to the internet; they're conduits for enjoying multimedia content, accessing web applications, and even enhancing productivity from the comfort of your living room. The quest for the ultimate browsing tool involves considerations like speed, compatibility with various media formats, and smart features that integrate seamlessly with your smart TV ecosystem. As we embark on exploring the top contenders – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Puffin Browser, Dolphin Browser, and Opera Browser – remember that each offers unique selling points tailored to different user profiles. Whether it's Chrome's robust security and casting capabilities, Firefox's versatile extension support, Puffin's innovative cloud acceleration, Dolphin's ad-blocking efficiency, or Opera's streamlined interface paired with Chromecast integration, the decision rests on matching your preferences with the browser's strengths. Let's embark on this journey to uncover which among these browsers for Android TV stands as the pinnacle of convenience, performance, and adaptability for your smart television experience.



By now, you should have a good understanding of the best browsers for Android TV. We hope you found our list helpful and will be able to make an informed decision about which one is right for you. If there’s anything else we can do, please contact us!

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