Which Gas is Used In A Refrigerator and What's it for?

22, Jun, 2023

22, Jun, 2023



Gas, or refrigerant, is a substance that absorbs heat and transfers it to another substance. It's used in a variety of appliances, including refrigerators. There are many different types of gases used in refrigeration systems today, but the most commonly used are R-134a and R-438A.


Refrigerants are gases that work to cool the fridge and other appliances.

Refrigerants are gases that work to cool the fridge and other appliances. They're used in air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and other household devices.

Refrigerants have low evaporation points so they don't evaporate easily into the air when they're used in a refrigerator or air conditioner.

This helps keep your food cool without wasting too much energy on cooling gases that could be better spent keeping your food at a safe temperature.


Gases Used in Refrigerators

R22--Older refrigerators used to use this gas, but it was being phased out since it was ozone-depleting. This gas is no longer used in modern refrigerators.


R134A--This gas is well-liked these days since it protects the ozone layer. While R134a is a widely used refrigerant with excellent cooling properties, it is also a greenhouse gas, and efforts are underway to develop alternative refrigerants with lower global warming potential. As such, some manufacturers may choose to phase out the use of R134a in the future in favour of these alternatives.


R438A--Manufacturers employ this gas as an alternative to R22 gas due to its non-ozone-depleting properties. This gas can be found in many freezers that formerly used R22 gas.


R600A--Due to its non-ozone depletion and low global warming feature, it is a halogen-free refrigerant that is extremely common these days. It is both energy-efficient and combustible.


HFC-134a--In today's refrigerators, this refrigerant gas is widely employed and a popular choice. It has been effectively condensed. As a result, it may readily cool down the machine's surroundings without causing ozone depletion.


TCL refrigerators are a new and innovative addition to the market. The TCL P470CD model comes equipped with a Multi-Air-Flow system that helps to keep food fresh for longer while preserving its original flavor, shape, and colour and Automatic Anion-releasing Technology (AAT), offering bacteriostatic, purifying, and antioxidation benefits in a compact design. With a large capacity of 470 liters, the refrigerator has a smart inverter compressor that saves energy and reduces noise. The fridge also comes with an LED touch panel which allows for temperature adjustments in both the fridge and freezer, independently!


How a refrigerator operates in detail

The process of cooling down your food in a refrigerator is very simple. The refrigerant gas is used to cool the fridge and also in air-conditioning units. The working process of a refrigerator is as follows:

  • With the aid of the evaporator, the gas employed as refrigerant gas is transformed into vapor and all of the heat within the refrigerator will be absorbed
  • The compressor will receive a flow of refrigerant gas as well as heat from the refrigerator.
  • The refrigerant gas will now be compressed by the compressor and cooled.
  • The compressed refrigerant gas will move to the condenser, then return to liquid form after releasing its heat
  • Now the inside of the refrigerator will gradually cool down to the set temperature for the absence of heat.
  • The cycle will start over when the liquid refrigerant flows back into the evaporator.
  • This way, the temperature inside your refrigerator remains low and you can keep all your food fresh for a long time.



We hope this article has helped you understand the difference between the types of gas used in refrigerators and how it works!

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