How To Clean Your Split-Type Aircon | Quick & Easy Guide

17, Aug, 2023

17, Aug, 2023



If you have a split-type air conditioning unit, you know just how important it is to keep your AC running at its optimal efficiency. You also know that keeping your unit clean will help maximize its performance and lifespan. Cleaning your split system is easy and doesn't take long at all. Here is an easy guide with some tips to help make the process even easier!


Why Cleaning Your Split Air Conditioner Is Important?

  • Better air quality: As you’re cleaning your split-type air conditioner, you also get to clean the dust in your room that can accumulate over time. This improvement in air quality means that it is easier for you to breathe and sleep better at night, which has a positive effect on your health.
  • More energy-efficient: A dirty split type AC will not be able to cool as well as one that has been regularly cleaned because there are fewer cold vents through which cold air can pass out of an unclogged duct system while only hot ones remain blocked by dirt or dust build-up which means more energy wasted just trying to keep cool enough inside without making things worse!


How Often Should I Clean My Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioner's filter should be cleaned at least two times a year. Ultimately, how often you clean depends on how frequently you use your AC. If you use your AC frequently (for example, during the summer), then cleaning is more important and should be done more often than if you don't use it very much (for example, during winter). The more often an air conditioner is used and cleans its own filters, the less likely that there will be any problems with them.



  • Step 1: Turn Off The Electricity
    To begin, turn off the AC’s electricity before you start cleaning your air conditioner. This will ensure that your device remains safe to use and doesn’t suffer from any electrical damage.
  • Step 2: Check Your Manufacture's Instructions
    You should also check your manufacturer’s instructions to find out how to properly clean and maintain a split-type air conditioner for the best results. Some models may differ slightly in design or cleaning requirements, so it's important to look into these details before starting work on yours!
  • Step 3: Detach the Front Panel
    To access the inside of your air conditioner, find the latches or tabs holding the front panel on. Disassemble the latches or push the tabs, then carefully raise the panel upward. If the panel does not come out, hold it with one hand to clean the interior.
  • Step 4: Unfasten and clean the Air Filters
    The air filters are the long rectangular pieces that are fastened to the unit once you remove or lift up the front panel. Find the tabs that hold the air filters to the device and push them to release the filters. Use a toothbrush or vacuum cleaner to gently shake the dust from the filters. After successfully removing the air filters from the unit and dusting them off, wash them in clean, cool water with mild dish soap to remove the minute dirt particles. Gently clean the filters with a sponge or cleaning pad.
  • Step 5: Clean The Bacteria Filters
    Some versions also feature bacteria filters that need to be cleaned when the air filters are removed. (TCL FRESHIN Series ACs have QuadruPuri filters which include preliminary filter, silver ion antibacterial layer, EPA high-efficiency filter and high-density filter.) They can be cleaned in a manner similar to how you would wash air filters. Before you reinstall the air filters, let them fully dry out by air. In order to clear the bacteria and germs from the filters, you can also use an air conditioner cleaning and purifier, which will also eradicate any bad scents from the AC.
  • Step 6: Clean The Cooling Fins
    Once the air filters are removed, you can see the cooling fins, which resemble a series of metallic lines fitted into the AC. Now, you can attach a box or a bag to the air blower so that it can gather all the dust from the fins. Blow gently over the entire surface of the metallic lines without touching them. The cleaning of fins will boost the cooling process. Lightly spray the air conditioner cleaner on the fins and let them dry off.
  • Step 7: Clean The Coils
    The coils are circular metal elements that are flowing across the core of the indoor unit. A no-rinse evaporator spray is the most effective cleaning solution for these coils. You can find them in your local hardware shops or online as well. Once you spray the evaporator cleaner on the coils, let it sit and wipe it off after roughly 20-30 minutes. If you want to learn more, you can read our article about How To Clean AC Coils Like a Pro.
  • Step 8: Antifungal Spray
    An antifungal spray for air conditioners helps with preventing the growth of mold in the inside components of the machine. Use the spray to sterilize the coils and fins where toxins are most likely to form. With the aid of the antifungal spray, the AC air filters can also be sanitized. Before reinstalling the air filters in the AC, let the spray sit for about 5 minutes.
  • Step 9: Fix The Air And Bacteria Filters
    Make sure the air and bacteria filters are dry before reinstalling them in the air conditioner. Use a dry cloth to wipe up all the dampness fast. Fix both the filters back inside the AC. The filters will provide you with clean, fresh air the next time you turn on the AC. Fix the front panel to hide the filters. Close the panel securely and wipe it down with a dry towel.
  • Step 10: Flush The Drain Lines
    Remove the pipe dividing the indoor from the outside units. A pressured flush kit might assist clear the AC drain lines. The pressurized nozzle that is included with the pressurized flush kits might help to clear any obstructions in the drain line. Using the power of water or cleaner and with the help of the pressurized nozzle, you can unclog the drain line of the AC. Prior to reconnecting the pipe and turning on the AC, make sure the drain line has had at least an hour to air-dry.
  • Step 11: Activate the AC self-cleaning function

TCL AC GentleCool series and TCL AC freshIN series feature a self-cleaning function covering everything from frosting, defrosting, drying, to sterilizing. Deep Clean employs water molecules in the air to remove dust, dirt, and other impurities, achieving a 99.99% sterilization rate for viruses and bacteria. The automatic program provides an efficient, effortless, and outstanding way to enjoy cleaner air. Simply press the button.

  • Step 12: Clean The Exterior

Lastly, you should clean the exterior of your air conditioner. You can do this by using a clean rag and some mild detergent. Be sure to wipe away any dirt and dust buildup on the fins as well. If you want to get an extra deep clean, use a hose sprayer with warm water and soap to rinse it off thoroughly afterward.



If you’ve never cleaned your air conditioner before, it can be a daunting task. But we hope this guide has shown you how easy and quick it really is. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us, and we'll do our best to answer them.


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