How To Dispose Of An Old Refrigerator Safely

29, Oct, 2023

29, Oct, 2023



The average homeowner will replace their refrigerator every seven to ten years. That's a lot of refrigerators, and it can be hard to know how to safely dispose of the old ones. To help you out, we've put together this guide on how to safely dispose of an old refrigerator and what you need to consider before buying a new refrigerator.


Considerations before disposing of a refrigerator

Before you begin to dispose of your old refrigerator, there are a few things you should consider.

  • First, make sure that the appliance is empty and clean. This will help prevent any food odors from leaking out into the air when it's time for disposal.
  • Second, check to see if there are any leaks in the pipes or tubes inside the unit--if so, these may be hazardous and should be repaired before disposal.
  • Thirdly and finally: never put an old refrigerator in with other household trash! This can pose serious health risks as well as environmental damage if not handled properly by professionals specializing in hazardous waste management (HWM).


Steps for preparing a refrigerator for disposal

  • Remove all food and liquids from the refrigerator.
  • Clean and defrost the unit.
  • Remove the shelves and drawers from inside your refrigerator, being careful not to damage them while doing so (they may be attached with screws).
  • Make sure that all doors are closed securely so that cords don't accidentally get caught on anything else during transport.

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How do I know when I need to throw away my fridge?

If you have an old fridge, it's important to know when it's time to get rid of it. Here are some signs that your refrigerator needs replacing:

  • Check the refrigerator's temperature setting. It might be operating properly if the temperature is high.
  • Listen for a motor sound and inspect the compressor located behind your refrigerator. The compressor may be damaged if the motor turns on but the refrigerator's interior temperature hasn't decreased.
  • Inspect the coils inside. If there is a lot of frost buildup, the coils can be damaged.

If this sounds like your fridge, it is best that you replace it immediately.

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Factors to consider when purchasing a new refrigerator

When purchasing a new refrigerator, there are several factors you need to consider.

  • Size of the refrigerator: A large family will need a bigger refrigerator than those who live alone  or with just one other person.
  • Storage capacity: If you have lots of food items in your kitchen, then it's better to buy a larger storage capacity model as opposed to opting for something smaller that won't be able to accommodate all your groceries at once.
  • Door type: When shopping around for refrigerators with different door types (French doors vs side-by-side), consider how much space there is available in your kitchen before making up your mind about which one works best for you! Some people prefer French doors because they allow them access from both sides without having open both doors simultaneously as side-by-sides do; however, these models may take up more floor space due to their design features so keep this factor in mind when choosing which type of door works best within your current layout scheme."
  • Energy efficiency: If you are worried about the energy bill and want to save money on cooling costs, then look for refrigerators that have an Energy Star rating. These models are more energy efficient than their counterparts with lower ratings so if this is one of your main concerns when shopping for a new refrigerator, then make sure to check out this feature before making up your mind!
  • The price: You don’t want to overspend on a brand-new model just because it has the latest features or looks great; instead, try finding something that fits within your budget but still has all the features you need.

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As you can see, there are many ways to dispose of an old refrigerator. The most important thing is to make sure that it's done safely and responsibly. If you don't know what to do with your old fridge, contact your local recycling center or municipality for advice on how best to dispose of it properly.

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