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How to connect to wifi and AirPlay

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Thanks to built in wifi and AirPlay support, TS9030 RayDanz can be used with your AirPlay devices. You can also add TS9030 RayDanz to your Google Home thanks to built in Chromecast support.

Follow this guide to setup wifi and connect your TS9030 RayDanz soundbar with AirPlay.

Depending on when your soundbar was manufactured it might require a software update in order to connect it to your wifi, use AirPlay and Google Home. If your TS9030 RayDanz soundbar does not appear in your iOS wifi settings or Google Home app as an available device to configure, it most likely need a software update.

Power ON the soundbar with the soundbar remote

On your iOS device go to settings and wifi settings

Make sure you are connected to your wifi. After powering up, the soundbar should appear under "Set up new AirPlay speaker...". Select "TCL RAY-DANZ"

The wifi your iOS device is connected to will be selected by default. If you want to connect the soundbar to another wifi network select "Show other networks" and choose the preferred wifi network.

By default the soundbar AirPlay name will be "TCL RAY-DANZ". This can be changed by pressing the speaker name.

If you wish to set a password to connect to the speaker, type in the password you wish to use.

When you are satisfied with the options, select "Next"

Connecting the soundbar with wifi and AirPlay

When the setup is complete, select "Done".

That´s it! Your TS9030 RayDanz soundbar is now connected to your wifi network and can be used with AirPlay.