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Why hasn't the air quality improved if the device has been working for a long time?

If you have noticed that the air quality has not improved significantly when the product has been running for a long time, we recommend checking the following:

Missing filter: Please make sure that the filter is installed correctly.

High humidity: Condensation water formed from the indoor humidity is too high. Please do not put the product in highly humid places such as bathrooms.

Obstacles around the product: To improve the working efficiency of the TCL Breeva Air Purifier and make the room air circulate and purify effectively, please place the device in the room without any obstruction within the range of 30 cm in the front/back/left and right, and within 100 cm above it.

Caution: Don’t place the device in rooms with high temperature, high humidity, or any other places that will wet the product (such bathroom) since the Air Purifier might have electric leakage and cause electric shock or fire.