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Why couldn’t I make outgoing call and receive incoming call?
It may be the problem of phone, network or your settings. Perform the following steps:
1. Make sure you have dialed a valid number and press the pick up call key.
2. Make sure your mobile phone is connected to a network, and the network isn’t overloaded or unavailable.
3. Check your subscription's status with your service provider.
If the problem persists, try the following steps:
1). Check if you had activated call barring. 'Call barring' means you had barred some out-going call (All calls, International calls, International except home) or incoming call (All calls, All calls except those in SIM contacts, Roaming). If you had activated, please cancel it through “Menu” “Settings” “Call Settings”-> “SIM1/2 call settings” “Call barring” “Cancel all”.
(Please note that call barring password is from your service provide)
2). Check if you had activated flight mode. 'Flight mode' means you had disconnected with service provider, and you will not be able to make out-going call and can't receive call. If you had activated, cancel it though main menu “Settings” “Phone settings” “Flight mode” activate “Normal mode”.
3). Check if you had activated “call forwarding”. It’s possible that your incoming calls will be forwarded to your voicemail or other phone directly. If you had activated, cancel it through “Menu” “Settings” “Call settings” “SIM1/2 call settings” “Call divert” “Cancel all diverts”.
If the previously described options do not help, you can contact our hotline or repair center to get more professional technical assistance.