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Why couldn’t my mobile be switched on?
The failure could relate to the phone, the battery or the charger. Perform the following steps:
Make sure you are using TCL’s battery and charger, which are compatible with your phone model.
1) Take out the battery and put it back, following the instructions in the user’s guide.
2) Charge the phone with the TCL charger for several minutes and then check whether the phone can turn on. If you haven’t used your mobile phone for long time, the battery might be deeply discharged. It will take up to 30 mins to activate the battery. In this case, wait at least for 30 minutes and check again.
3) If you have an extra TCL battery or charger compatible with your cell phone model, you can try using them.
If the problem still can’t be solved, bring your phone to TCL repair center stated in your purchase proof and warranty card: