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How can I use the Multi-screen Share function?
a) Make sure the “Multi-screen Share” tool is installed on the computer. You have two ways to install the tool.
1) Connect the computer to your phone via USB cable, select the “Multi-screen Share (PC client)” connection mode on the pop up window. Double-click the disk of the computer to install “Multi Screen Share” tool.
2) Enter to download “Multi Screen Share” tool, follow the instructions to install the tool.
b) Run the “Multi Screen Share” tool, the interface displays two connection modes.
1) Connected Via Bluetooth: Click “Connect” -> Turn on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions on the phone-> A connection confirmation box pops up on the mobile phone, click “CONNECT”.
2) Connected Via QR code: Swipe down to access the quick settings from any screen on mobile phone-> Click “Cast” icon (slide to the left to view it on the second page) -> Click on “Connect to PC” in the upper right corner> Scan the QR code on the PC, click “CONNECT”.
c) After successful connection, smartphone can screen cast a small window on the PC client. Users can operate the phone through this small window, such as answering phone calls, watching videos, transferring files between PC and phone.
Note: This Q&A question only applies to devices with Multi-screen Share function.
Available settings and menus may vary depending on device model and software version.