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How to activate Amazon Alexa?

1. Visit, or download the Amazon Alexa app on Google Play or the App Store, then register an Alexa account with your e-mail address or use your Alexa account that you have registered for your Amazon Echo to log in.

2. Enter the Skills menu, search "TCL Assistant" and enter this Alexa skill.

3. Click "ENABLE" to enable "TCL Assistant".

Note: Some browsers may forbid popups and show below prompt when clicking "ENABLE", you have to choose always allowing popups from the Alexa website.

4. Turn on your TV, enter the Settings menu, set the country as UK and the language as English, then turn your TV off and then turn it on again. Enter the Settings menu again, select System, Amazon Alexa, Obtain code to get the activation code. Input this code in the dialog box, agree the privacy policy, and click "Activate".

You will see a page that you have been successfully linked.

5. Now you have successfully activated your Alexa account, then you need to discover your TV to control it with Alexa. Here are the two methods:
a. Wake up your Amazon Echo and say "discover my devices", then wait until it says Echo has successfully discovered your device.
b. Close the above successfully linked page, then visit Smart Home, Devices and click "Discover", and wait for a few minutes. You will see that the new device has been discovered. The first line shows the TV name, you can control your TV with this name.

If the TV cannot be recognized during use, please say "discover my devices" to activate it once again.

Note: You can also find your TV name from the TV Settings menu System, TV name.