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There is condensation or frosting at the freezing chamber door surface or food surface

Product name/model: RT210WM2110
1. Temperature or humidity around the refrigerator is high. Remedy:
2. The door is kept opened for too long time.
3. The foods that contain a lot of water are not sealed or tightly wrapped.
To make sure that your device uses intelligently controls to ensure that the humidity levels, light, and temperature stay at an optimal level for storing food for you and your family, you should read below advices.
1. Take into consideration to change place of your fridge.
2. This happens to many people by mistake, but stay vigilent and try not to exagerate this one.
3. You can use sealed bags or if you don't use bags at all, you can lay down a few paper towels in the drawer dedicated to fruits and vegetables to ensure that they stay fresh and free of moisture.