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What is Google Lens?
Google Lens can automatically recognize and search within the content which appears in the lens. There’re 3 ways to use the Google Lens function.
Note that Google Lens works only when you login with Google account and your device must be connected to a network.
Method 1: touch the “Camera” app -> touch the Google Lens icon.
Method 2: press and hold the home buttonor press Google Assistant Button to enter Google assistant -> touch the Google Lens iconat the bottom of the screen.
Method 3: touch the “Photos” app -> select a photo -> touch the Google Lens icon at the bottom of the screen.
When you open the Google lens viewfinder, the lens will continually analyze what you see to show you results in real time. Options include:
1) Scan text: Look up a word, save contact info, copy text: dates, and address.
2) Shop Smarter: Find products & compare prices, search similar products: try clothing and furniture.
3) Discover new places: Get info on points of interest.
4) Identify Plants and Animals: Try flowers and dog breeds.
5) Discover Books & Media: Try books, movies, music albums, and video games.
6) Scan Codes: Try barcodes and QR codes