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What should I do if my device is always searching for a network or if no operator name is displayed?
If you are abroad
a) Please contact your network’s customer service to ensure that you’ve got roaming enabled.
b) Ask your network’s customer services to enable roaming on your account. Turn your device off for a few seconds, and then turn it back on.
c) Enable “Roaming Mode” by accessing “Settings”->“SIM card & mobile network”->“SIM card settings”->“SIM (XXX)”->“Roaming Mode”->and select “All networks”.
d) Move to a location with a stronger signal and try again.
e) Try to turn on “Aeroplane mode” by swiping down to access the quick settings from any screen->touch to enable “Aeroplane mode”->After a few seconds, turn Aeroplane mode off again.
f) Contact your SIM card operator to check the network coverage at your location.
g) Put your SIM into another device to check whether the SIM works in that device. This test will identify whether the issue is with your SIM or device.
h) Check whether there are smudges or scratches on your SIM card’s metal surface. If yes, please contact your operator to obtain a replacement SIM.
i) Check if your device is locked into a specific Service Operator network. If yes, your device might only use the SIM card from this Service Operator. Please check the support bands on your device’s packaging and make sure the SIM card you are using matches these bands.
j) Try to reset or update your device. (Refer to Q How can I perform a factory reset on my phone & Q How can I upgrade my device).
If you are not abroad, follow steps e) to j) above.
If the previously described options do not help, you can contact our hotline or repair center to get more professional technical assistance. Find the hotline or repair center information from the TCL (or Alcatel) website or APP “Support center”.