Our Story

We are America’s fastest-growing TV brand and the second largest TV manufacturer in the world. 

Our Story


Research centers around the world


TVs sold around the world in 2019


Invested in a state-of-the-art production facility

TCL’s Global Awareness

TCL’s Global Footprint

We are America’s Fastest-Growing TV Brand. As a globally trusted leader, TCL sold more than 32 million TVs worldwide last year which ranks us among the largest TV brands in the world.

With the development of our increasingly innovative products, TCL is solidifying ourselves as a true world leader in reliable and affordable televisions.

It's a TCL – Inside and Out

It's a TCL – Inside and Out

TCL is vertically integrated, which means we make every component that goes into the TV and control the entire production process. We are one of only three TV brands worldwide that are fully vertically integrated. What does this mean to you? It allows us to deliver the latest technology and the highest quality product for the absolute best value.


TCL invested more than $20 billion dollars to build a state-of-the-art factory where we make our own panels and build our own TVs, before sending them to the popular retailers where our customers shop. Being able to manufacture the most expensive parts of the TV ourselves allows us to pass this value on to you. 


Innovation & Recognition

TCL's commitment to innovation is shown throughout our 35 research centers around the world – including one in Silicon Valley and a joint venture lab with MIT in Boston. The global size of the brand gives us the unique ability to bring innovation and industry-leading technologies to our product lineup. 


Our partnership with streaming leader Roku has received huge industry and consumer acclaim. WIRED called our TCL Roku TV "the first Smart TV worth using." In 2017, PC Mag and NY Times’ Wirecutter both selected our TVs as the best of the year. Last year, we also earned the coveted CNET Editors' Choice award and remain consistently one of the best reviewed TVs by consumers on Amazon.com and other leading online retailers. Looking ahead, TCL is excited to build on its award-winning TCL TV lineup.




From the beginning of our journey in 2014 as we launched the brand in North America, the leadership team wanted to have a different kind of company at TCL. Obviously, the basics of business must be met, but there’s much more to TCL than dollars and cents. In an attempt to put this spirit into writing, our #TCLcares program was created. TCLers live by four simple rules that guide our decisions and how we operate daily. 

TCL Chinese Theatre

Commitment to North America

We continue to grow our partnerships with many trusted names in the areas of entertainment, sports, gaming, music and technology. These include the popular Ellen DeGeneres Show, the iconic Rose Bowl, and the world-famous TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. To put it simply, we want to put customers closer to their entertainment, through our high-quality products as well as with engaging experiences that only TCL can deliver.

Chairman Li - Our Story

The TCL Story

Chairman Li

TCL's Chairman, Li Dongsheng, is the original founder of TCL. As a boy, Li was an excellent student, but upon graduation from high school worked in an agricultural cooperative—a common path in the early days of the Cultural Revolution. He would spend his days performing rigorous manual labor, but would spend his nights reading and studying, dreaming of a brighter future.

Fortunately, a brighter future arrived in 1977 under China’s Open Door policy, which reestablished University Entrance examinations. With more than 5 million people taking that first test and space for less than 5% to be accepted, it was the most competitive scholastic test in modern Chinese history. These scholars were considered among the best and brightest of their generation. Li was accepted to Hua Nan Polytechnic University and graduated in 1982 with an electrical engineering degree.

After earning his degree, Li began his career at a cassette tape factory that had opened a year earlier with a $600 loan from the local government. With China’s economy accelerating, Li and his colleagues eventually decided to move into what they believed was the next big thing, telephones. By 1985, Li was named CEO of TCL Telecommunication Equipment Company Limited – or simply TCL for short.

By 1989, TCL was one of the biggest phone manufacturers in China. Bolstered by its rapid growth, TCL entered a new product category in 1992 when it built its first TV. Decades later, the former technician at a cassette tape factory is the Chairman of a company that had more than $15 billion in sales last year and remains committed to the company’s innovation and growth.