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Shop and Explore TV QLED TVs

TCL pioneered QLED technology in 2015 by introducing the world’s first big-screen quantum dot TV. Since then, we’ve continued to advance this powerful color technology, and introduced some of the best QLED TVs on the market today. Available in sizes up to a staggering 98-inches, upgrading to a QLED TV lets you experience stunning colors and brightness on the big screen. Here’s what you need to know about this TV technology.

  • What is a QLED TV?

    QLED is a combination of the words “quantum” and “LED.” The Q in QLED refers to quantum dots, a cutting-edge color technology. QLED is essentially the “layer” of the TV that produces the color. Compared to a standard LED TV, QLED brings both more colors and BETTER colors.

    Remember the color triangle in grade school? To put it simply, QLED color technology can fill up 100% of the color triangle, delivering more lifelike color.

  • Why QLED TV?

    QLED TVs are an excellent choice for living rooms, basements, and even bedrooms, performing well in light controlled environments or rooms that have ample natural light. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, and feature premium, bezel-less designs to blend seamlessly into any home theater. The versatility and premium performance of TCL QLED TVs make them perform well for playing video games, enjoying live sports, movie viewing, or streaming the latest TV shows.