Well, it happened again!  TCL has gotten a GREAT new update to the already awesome and award-winning Roku operating system!

Recently, the OS 8 update rolled out to all TCL Roku TVs (for FREE!) in an effort to continually improve our customers’ experience, add exciting new features, and make you enjoy your TCL Roku TV even more.

Here are 8 great features to look for after your TV updates:

  1. New voice features and enhancements have arrived. Not only can you search for content with your TCL advanced remote or free Roku mobile app, but now you can control the TV as well. Simply say “switch to HDMI 1”, for example.
  2. That great search feature on TCL Roku TVs? Well, now that search includes your over-the-air TV listings!
  3. You can also search for a specific title, actor, director, genre, genre by channel, and launch streaming channels!
  4. The new Smart Guide will now serve as an advanced program guide to show you everything that you can watch using the built-in tuner on your over-the-air channels.
  5. Even more of More Ways to Watch! Missed a show? Scroll back on in the Smart Guide up to 7 days back, and look for the “*” next to the program. Hitting the “*” on your TCL remote will list everywhere you can stream that show from popular streaming services.
  6. Our popular Private Listening feature now includes your over-the-air channels, so you can use your advanced remote or smartphone/tablet app to listen to even more content.
  7. An updated 4K Spotlight Channel makes it even easier to find premium 4K, HDR or Dolby Vision content on your TCL Roku TV.
  8. TV Everywhere single sign-on means that if you are a cable or satellite subscriber, and you want to watch the large number of TV Everywhere streaming channels, you’ll only have to enter your login credentials once to get access to all your great channels.

Too bad I only had room for eight, or I would tell you about the Fast TV Start option, the new network test, and improved Closed Captioning! But if you want to learn more about OS 8 and its many new features, check out the Roku’s release notes.

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